We’ve highlighted the best saves, hits and goals of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs so far, and figured it was finally time to pit them against one another.

So, here you have it – the 10 best plays from all four rounds of the playoffs.

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  1. Did an Islanders fan put these together? I see a disproportionate amount of the Rangers being victimized here.

    Thanks for all the coverage over the season and playoffs, Bourne and everyone! It’s been a great site to visit.

    • (In case it didn’t come across well on the post – yeah, I know Bourne is an Isle fan. It was a joke. ;)

  2. Just a little East Coast Bia in the editing.

    Not a single one of Anze Kopitar’s sick moves such as his Game 1 winner against Marty nor his short handed in Game #2 against St. Louis?

    Whats a matter they come on past your bedtime?

  3. Nor Doughty’s rush and goal….

    Maybe you should have put together 1 video of the 10 Best Hits + 10 Best Save + 10 Best Goals = 30 Best Plays and we’d just argue over the order not the contents.

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