During playoffs, NHLers rarely drink. The hockey is too important – after all, they’re chasing the most spectacular trophy in sports. But when they finally win it…look out.

The Kings won the Cup Tuesday night. They did their interviews, celebrated in the dressing room, and were loaded into a party bus of sorts.

It’s now Friday morning, and off the top of my head, I’ve seen guys (and the Cup) at a Los Angeles Dodgers game, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, at the parade and fan rally, on SportsCenter, with Martin Short, and now…the club Tao Las Vegas.

Seriously, have they slept yet?

If they answer is “no,” I wouldn’t blame them. Think they’re having any fun? Three pics below.

Feathers? A gigantic pillow fight, maybe?


Willie Mitchell’s shirt is fannntastic.


Really not sure what to say about this picture, actually taken last night at Tao Las Vegas during the celebration. Just, wow.


UPDATE: Wayne Gretzky’s daughter Paulina was there – as you may have noticed from a few prior incidences, she’s not shy.



All class.

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  1. The Beacher’s Madhouse ones are pretty good too. Throw in the multiple south bay (North End, Sharkeez) stops and its a good run.

    It is weird to see a Stanley Cup party where we used to go drinking after we beat other small colleges in rugby.

    • Haven’t seen those, but I assume you’re talking Manhattan/Hermosa Beach? I had my bachelor party there last year!

      • TMZ and onegirlonepuck.blogspot.com have some good ones from Beacher’s Madhouse in Hollywood and it includes Oompa Loompas.

        And yes I was referring to Manhattan/Hermosa.

  2. The team is not the only one drinking and partying. Sleep deprivation is a small price to pay for having the Stanley Cup in LA after 32 years of being a Die-Hard fan.

    • They earned it! Party hard. (And responsibly)
      If they need a kidney, I have 2, they can have em both

  3. Shirts? They’re wearing shirts? Amateurs.

    signed, Tyler Seguin and Brad Marchand

  4. JTB, that’s just a picture of Dustin Brown. His beard makes him look taller on the ice.

  5. I’m surprised Richards and Carter are front and centre….

  6. sweet jesus doughty is drunk in that photo with the cup

  7. My brain can’t even process the mental images of the Los Angeles Kings with the cup… with Paulina Gretzky. Wayne must be having a heart attack right now.

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