On Friday, reports emerged that the Edmonton Oilers will not trade their No. 1 overall pick for next week’s NHL Entry Draft. Of course, this means that the Oilers will indeed select first for the third straight season.

Fans in Edmonton have obvious reason for optimism. A young core of Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Jordan Eberle and say for example, Nail Yakupov, would make any fanbase giddy over the possibilities that lie ahead.

But at what point does landing a top pick year after year, or even a top-five pick, become old?

Right now, a plethora of young offensive talent is enough to distract Oilers fans from the fact that the team has finished in the bottom two in the entire league for three straight years. If they’re back here with the No. 1 pick next June, will you still find it promising?

If they’re still picking in the top-five in 2014, will you still be able to see the bright future ahead?

Right now, I can’t find fault in Oilers fans being excited for next Friday, but I wonder when the expectations go from “let’s pile up the high picks” to “let’s make sure we’re not in this position again next year.”

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