Weekend Links: Cover Me

So, it’s been almost a week since hockey has been a thing. How’s everyone holding up? Finding things to do on your weekends? Sadly sitting on couches, clutching a mini-stick of your favourite team and rocking back and forth, telling yourself that Don Cherry still loves you and he’ll see you again soon? No? So it’s just me then.

Of course the best way to tide ourselves over until hockey returns is to pretend and what better way to pretend than to play video games. In the last few years the EA Sports NHL games have really turned up the awesome and have been some of the most realistic, yet fun, games to play. It doesn’t have the same problem that I have with baseball games in terms of realism coming at the expense of fun (seriously, give me Ken Griffey Jr’s Slugfest over MLB: The Show any day. I want to hit some dingers, not be involved in a 2 hit pitchers duel. Gross).

Of course, like any good sports game, there’s always the debate of who will be gracing the cover. This year, as I’m sure you’ve heard, EA put it to a vote to decide who would be the potential curse victim for NHL 13. It’s a fantastic idea, really, and one I prefer to the arbitrary reasoning that usually coincides with covers (Peyton Hillis on Madden 12? Really? I mean, yeah guys, I have a fantasy team too but c’mon.)

Now that voting is over and the “winner” will be announced at the NHL awards come June 20th, we know that it will either be Pekka Rinne or our old friend Road Magoo (Claude Giroux for the uninitiated). I’ve been pretty confident that Giroux was going to take this one without must trouble since the beginning, so it’s nice to see that I finally had a prediction that’s coming true. It’s got to be him, right? I know it’s crazy to think about now, but just two months ago we were debating if Giroux was the best player in the world or at least in the conversation with Crosby (he’s not, but whatever). Giroux has to be the choice, and in a popular vote, I can’t see Rinne beating him out. Too much press, too successful a year and a postseason run (the irony of course being that Rinne actually went deeper into the playoffs but to much less fanfare. A justifiable lack of fanfare compared to Giroux’s point-explosion but a lack of fanfare nonetheless).

What do you guys think? Who was your vote? Should I give up my dream of a Grabovski NHL 14 cover? Probably, right?

Links To The Past

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