Please, please take off the black Tuuks, Jaromir.

If you’re a hockey fan and on Twitter, you likely saw this:

(Age + trying to get faster = same speed as last year, which would be perfectly acceptable. He’s still got value.)

After last summer I can’t help but wonder: is there any chance he’s bluffing to get more money out of the Flyers, they way he used Pittsburgh to drive up his salary last year? Uprooting your life every season sucks, and do we really think he wants to give up his spot on a line with Claude Giroux on a good team?

Maybe Jagr and his agent recognized there’s not a lot of great options in free agency this year, and think they can cash in?

If it’s not a negotiating ploy, there must be something behind the scenes he isn’t happy about (media scrutiny? Laviolette? Who knows). I just can’t see him thinking ”Meh, let’s just kick around the continent again this summer, Calgary sounds nice in the winter” without there being more to it.

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  1. Jagr being Jagr #obvioustweet

  2. I can’t see the Flyers signing him for at or above what he made last year. They have a very tight cap and they most likely want him for a lower amount and he said no. Giroux or not, Jagr wants money and the “respect” of the amount to his past salaries and other players salaries.

    • Very possible. And, a good GM would never pay for “respect,” which doesn’t translate to points in the 2012-2013 season.

    • This kind of posturing reduces respect. I’d respect him more if he’d just play for what he’s worth now. He could also try showing a little respect to the Flyers for providing him with the opportunity to play a key role on a very good team. Or maybe he’d rather end his career in Siberia.

  3. It means the flyers told him they are goin to pursue Nash which in turn means he’s lost his spot on the top line. I really dont think he cares about money, he just doesnt want to disappear into a third or fourth line where he wont have an impact, which is something he’s talked about since his return to the NHL. If the flyers dont aquire Nash via trade Jags will be back.

  4. If I had to guess this was about two things that are sort of interrelated

    1) The promise of Ice time. Specifically, Powerplay ice time.

    2) Money

    Incidentally, these are the two things that had him signing with Philadelphia instead of Pittsburgh or Detroit last offseason.

    You’ll remember toward the end of the season, as Jagr slowed down a bit, he lost his spot on the #1 unit to, I think, Jake Voracek. I’m sure Jagr didn’t like that one bit. I’m also sure he thinks that’s less likely to happen if there’s as big a financial investment as possible in him in his playing situation, wherever that may be.

    At this point, I don’t think Jagr came back to win a stanley cup. I also don’t think he came back just to make as much money as possible. I think he came back to prove to himself he’s still got it.

    He needs guaranteed ice-time to do that. In his mind, as high a salary as possible is the only thing that -might- guarantee that.

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