I’m a little late on posting this, but it’s so awesome I had to share it.

“Chris” is a Devils fan who happened to be on break from work that got punked by his Kings co-workers while he was gone…bad.

Here’s what happened to his cubicle while he was gone:

Just, amazing. The gazebo-like tent effect is easily my favourite part.

Comments (5)

  1. i love watching game of zones too

  2. I wish they filmed his reaction.

  3. my personal opinion is that its a little overboard. I’m a firm believer in simple pranks and that could have been reduced by at least 50%. At a certain point it starts to become obnoxious.

  4. The over the topness of this is what makes sooooooo awesome!!!. Well played.

  5. The duct-tape LA logo on the floor takes this one right into elite territory.

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