From Bob McKenzie:

And to those who question the validity of the report, here’s Juha Hiitelä, a writer for the Finnish magazine where the news broke (called Veikkaaja, which I assume translates to “Vowels”):

Teemu! The man the myth the legend is returning.

Selanne is now 41 (42 in a few weeks), and coming off a season where he lead the Anaheim Ducks in scoring. If you recall, that’s a team with former Hart Trophy winner Corey Perry, Bobby Ryan, and Ryan Getzlaf, so…pretty impressive feat. He put up 66 points and played in every single game for the Ducks.

I may get killed for this, but I don’t remember Teemu being a crazy popular player during the early or middle years of his amazing career, but as he gets older, he seems to be more and more beloved by fans everywhere.

It’s not that he was disliked, he just sort of “did things the right way,” kept out of the spotlight, and put up points without any major incident.

But his growth in popularity (outside of his home fans, where he’s always been popular) makes sense. Like Nick Lidstrom, being very good and very gentlemanly is one thing - doing it for multiple decades is another, and worthy of much respect. I’m glad he’s back.

The only question now is….aren’t they going to run out of those god awful buckets he wears soon? There’s no way those things are still in production.