The Roman Ampitheatre

There are a few contenders for the coolest outdoor game venue to date. Fenway has to be up there - maybe not as the best Winter Classic, but the setting might have been. The Big House will be cool, but more for the sheer size than any deeper meaning. But that picture above…that…that is going to be awesome.

That’s the Roman Ampitheatre, and it will be home to two outdoor games in September of this year, one between Croatia’s Medvescak Zagreb and Olimpija Ljubljana (let’s be honest, I could’ve had my cat step on my keyboard to create those team names and you wouldn’t have known the difference), and two days later the Vienna Capitals will take the ice in the second game

It holds 7,022 people, so I have to believe those tickets will be in hot demand. Here’s a little info on the Ampitheatre:

The arena built between 27 BC and 68 AD at the Mediterranean Sea in the capital of the Istria peninsula is one of the largest and best preserved amphitheatres of the old Roman Empire and has hosted film coulisses, opera singers and pop stars, but never before a hockey game.

This post on the IIHF’s website has more details on the incredibly unique setting.

We’ve never been shy to refer to hockey in terms of battle, so pretty fitting to have two teams fight it out where gladiators used to.

Here’s the animated video:

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  1. To be fair, it’s A Roman Ampitheatre. Not the Coliseum.

    • the colosseum is just another amphitheatre. the original name was amphitheatrum flavium. because both titus and vespasian came from the flavian family

  2. my god, i would love to play in that rink… but… average temperature that time of year is 30 degrees celcius! These guys are gonna have to play with hydration backpacks!!

  3. I’m going to be in that part of Europe at the end of September – it would be amazing if I could snag some tickets.

  4. no mention of the preseason game in las vegas back ’93 (i’m pretty sure it was ’93 anyway)?? for shame!!!

  5. Nothing beats playing on Red Square.

  6. They have a nice coliseum in Verona…they should play a game there.

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