The votes have been tallied and the decision has been made, complete with concept art and video game trailer. Claude Giroux is officially your NHL 13 coverman after edging out Pekka Rinne in a vote.

Hard to believe that someone on the Flyers could wield greater public support than someone on the Predators, but I digress. Congrats to Flyers fans on getting their man on the cover.

Here’s the trailer EA Sports put out for the victory.

Who was your vote to be on the cover?

Here’s the EA Sports “campaign recap” which spans the launch to the eventual unveil of Giroux as the winner.

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  1. I wonder how many man hours were lost in workplaces all over Eastern PA as Flyers fans stuffed the ballot box.

    • Probably more man hours than were put into this game. Seriously, I am so sick of the same old game over and over since 2008… this year it looks like there is even less in it since last year’s pathetic entry that STILL freezes up every 4-5 games.

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