Must-see video: Alfie Rises

We’ve been inspired.

Or more specifically, our video team has been inspired, headed up by content manager/Ottawa Senators’ fan Derek Snider.

The “Los Angeles Rises” video I wrote about earlier played into that inspiration, and things just took off from there.

So as Senators’ captain Daniel Alfredsson contemplates his playing future, we offer this fan’s tribute as an inspiration for Alfie to return for one more season.

“Do you think he’s coming back?”

“…I don’t know.”

If you didn’t recognize it, the sound is from the awesome Dark Knight #3 trailer, which is just about all the inspiration a person needs to want to go into film-making. Check that out below:

“Do you think he’s coming back?”

“…I don’t know.”

If Teemu is signing up for one more year, I think Alfie can too.

Comments (6)

  1. I mean as a Swede he can;t let a finn outdo him right? Right??

  2. Unreal video. Big ups to Derek Snider.

    One can only hope Alfredsson does indeed rise and can deliver (another) Hollywood ending performance in the finale.


    Perfect video is perfect.

  4. excellent job, that’s awesome. I will be looking forward to more videos/players considering you could put several players in this video and it would still hold true.

  5. Oh wow, thats the biggest case of goosebumps that media of any kind has ever given me. Just awesome

  6. Derek Snider aka John Travolta: +1 to you sir. I’m a Leafs fan and that shit was inspiring as fuck.

    I really hate the logo of “Alfie Rises” though. It looks pretty amateur in my opinion. But who cares? Your video was best bro.

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