Via Pro Hockey Talk, yesterday Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, AKA The Nuge, and Jordan Eberle went with some fellow Oilers to take Cirque du Soleil lessons, so…please! Enjoy the following two pictures.

The Nuge looks 10. That should be a picture his mom keeps framed of him from a simpler time (“Oh hunny, so cute. Do you remember when you were friends with little Brady from across the steet?), not from when he was ACTUALLY IN THE NHL.

But lo, he is, he just happens to be both that, and a teenager.

Up next, a beauty of an image of Mr. Jordan Eberle:


If it’s redeeming, they also drove Ferrari’s in the morning. You can check their whole day out in this video:

Comments (4)

  1. In the deleted scenes, “the nuge” drives his ferarri through the the gap in eberles two front teeth

  2. They drove Ferrari’s what?

  3. Well I’m jealous…

  4. Wow, the Oiler’s new third jerseys look great!

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