Nail Yakupov is currently the favourite to go #1 in the NHL Draft tonight, but you never really know until it happens. After all, the Oilers do need a defenseman.

Ryan Murray is undeniably going in the first five picks as the top-rated D prospect, so…would the Oilers bypass the draft’s best player for its best defenseman?

Here’s a tweet from Ryan Murray’s brother Nathan this morning.

Innnnteresting. Very, very interesting.

(s/t to @mc79hockey and @mc91)

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  1. Would Nail’s style of play disrupt the young core of talented forwards in the Edmonton locker room? Meaning, how much focus is around a prospects ability to fit in with a team’s current style of play, culture, etc…?

  2. Hall said he did not know for sure until he heard his name was called in the draft that he was going to the Oilers. RNH said the same thing. Why would Murray and his brother know anything different except speculation??

    • Hall wasn’t a clear cut #1 at the time of his draft, he shared that with Seguin as opposed to Yakupov being the clear #1 overall in the draft and Murray being the clear #1 D-man in the draft so it’s a matter of choice for Edmonton. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and if Murray is what they need, they will definitely take him. Whatever EDM can get for moving down will not be worth the gamble of someone else taking the D-man that they so desperately need and on top of that someone else (likely Columbus) taking Yakupov. If EDM trades down to, let’s say the 3rd spot, they loose out completely on this draft and that would be the end to Tambellini’s reign in EDM.

      Do you honestly believe that the Murrays don’t know anything? You should take a look at the pre draft interviews from last year. Whatever they know, I’m sure is further away from speculation that anything that goes around these forums.

      Stamkos knew, Tavares knew, RNH knew.

  3. I heard management talking about taking the best ‘person’ that fit their needs. Really think that is Murray, who would fit tremendously on the back end there. Yakupov is a great person too but I think when Murray met with the Oilers they may have outright told him they were going to take him, or hinted. Or his brother is just being optimistic that his bro will be #1. No harm in hoping!

  4. If they were to pick Murray they would trade down wouldn’t you think.

  5. Murray isn’t going #1 overall under any circumstance, Yakupov has always been the guy and remains the guy today. The way that Murray ends up in Edmonton is if they trade down with the Canadiens or Islanders. And this isn’t news, this has been rumoured for weeks.

    Following the NHL like you do Justin, you should have been able to deduce this pretty easily.

    • I agree with you that Yakupov is the #1 guy out there, but when you build a team you build from the net out. the Isles wanted Hedman BADLY but they took Tavares not as a second choice but as the intelligent choice for the organization, why? simple! the NHL is a business, and while Hedman might be god in the eyes of some, Tavares sells! Jerseys, seats, concessions, etc, etc… and the islanders needed to fill those seats quick. Edmonton from an organizational viewpoint it makes more sense to draft their pressing need which is an NHL 2-way Dman which they can have in Murray, they don’t need more “flashy” players to sell their fans on the team, because they have Hall, RNH, Eberle, Gagner, I mean why would they draft someone who won’t address their needs team wise instead of business-wise?

  6. Finding this post just now makes it really, really funny. How many times a year does Columbus visit Alberta? Four, yeah? I guess that’s a lot.

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