Columbus Blue Jackets’ GM Scott Howson has been taking a reputation-beating of his own doing over the past year or so. He moved a great two-way player in Antoine Vermette. He got rid of Jeff Carter in exchange for Jack Johnson. He apparently turned down a deal for Rick Nash at the deadline, a guy he’s been trying to move, that would’ve sent basically all of the Rangers’ good young players to his team (all rumours on that, of course).

And now…he’s fixed his goalie problem with Sergei Bobrovsky.

Fixing the problem with Bobrovsky as a stand-alone decision is not the world’s worst thing. Had they signed him as a free agent or something. But take the following tweets into consideration:

Ouch. Okay, rough patch.

So, what’d they give up to get him? I would’ve guessed like…a 3rd rounder. Y’know, unproven backup who looked bad last year, etc, etc.


Three picks, one of which is in the mid-second round this year. A pick traded by a desperately rebuilding team. Dicey.

As @passittobulis put it:

Exactly. So if he’s worth that, then Luongo is worth…a stack of gold bars and the DirecTV tiny giraffe?

Stay tuned today folks. Lots of news to come.


UPDATE:  Okay, from Bob McKenzie:

The more I think about it, the less I think it’s totally ridiculous, it just seems to me he was the wrong guy to target (being that I don’t think he’s very good), and they should be using those picks.

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  1. Traded futures to stabilize our current goalie situation. Bob also is still young at 23 and has upside. When exactly (if ever) would the fourth-rounders help? The 45th pick could maybe help in 2-4 years. We need improvement now, which we got, as well as still having the ability to progress and improve. I think most CBJ fans are ok with the move.

    • “When exactly (if ever) would the fourth-rounders help?”

      Ask Braden Holtby, Alec Martinez, Linus Omark, James Reimer, Matt Beleskey, Kieth Yandle, Niklas Hjallmarsson, and Ryan Callahan. I’m sure they might have an idea.

  2. You think most Columbus fans are happy with this trade,can’t see that being true.The most that should have been given up for Bob is one 4rth round pick.

  3. If the three picks are true Columbus fans must wonder what the hell is going on

  4. Columbus had no choice but to get swindled by Holmgren. Here’s the bottom line for the Blue Jackets. No UFA goaltender is going to volunteer to play in Columbus unless Howson throws a ton of money at them. If Howson throws a ton of money at them, he can’t do other important rebuilding things.

    Unless Bobrovsky is going to hold out or run to the KHL, this move guarantees Columbus a goaltender who has experience and isn’t mostly completely terrible I guess. He’s an improvement, that’s for sure, and has a low cost. As Alex commented above, the Blue Jackets have IMMEDIATE PROBLEMS and their second-round pick this year isn’t going to solve any of them.

    Maybe Howson could have tempted Montoya or Gustavsson as free agents, but they’re probably as reliable as Bobrovsky and would command a much higher salary and cap hit. Ultimately I don’t think this improves Columbus as much as the fans would like, but it’s still an improvement and a good cost for Howson.

    Remember, Scott Howson’s job most likely hinges on the performance of the Blue Jackets THIS SEASON, not how well guys he drafts this season do three years from now when he’s watching from his recliner.

  5. Realistically, this move is turning three picks that have a low percentage of becoming NHL players into an NHL caliber goaltender. Whether Bobrovsky is the answer in net for Columbus or not, he’s still an upgrade at a position of need.

    I think the thing I have learned the most from this is that the majority of people on Twitter grossly overvalue draft picks. Outside of the top 20 picks, there is a much better chance that the player never contributes to an NHL team. To get someone who will contribute in a major way (hopefully in a good way for Columbus), is a good deal.

    • I think that the Jackets might have been better off rolling the dice on three picks than getting a career backup who had a bad year. Bob is better than what they have in net, but he isn’t going to lead them anywhere unless he has tons of untapped potential that he hasn’t shown.

  6. I think people don’t give Bob enough credit. He is fast and has good reflexes, and he won a Rookie of the Month award before. The guy has definitely talent. However, two years ago he was pressed into action too fast and for too long. Then last year he saw little to no action which wasn’t good for his development.

    I do however agree that Howson overpaid by a lot, but as a Flyers fan all I can say is “thank you.”

    As for Bob, I wish him best of luck in Columbus and thank him for being on the party-pooper squad that turned the opening of the Consol Energy Arena into a loss for the Penguins.

    @Bourne: Luongo’s value doesn’t increase due to this trade. In fact, it decreases because now there is one buyer less on the market.

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