Columbus Blue Jackets’ GM Scott Howson has been taking a reputation-beating of his own doing over the past year or so. He moved a great two-way player in Antoine Vermette. He got rid of Jeff Carter in exchange for Jack Johnson. He apparently turned down a deal for Rick Nash at the deadline, a guy he’s been trying to move, that would’ve sent basically all of the Rangers’ good young players to his team (all rumours on that, of course).

And now…he’s fixed his goalie problem with Sergei Bobrovsky.

Fixing the problem with Bobrovsky as a stand-alone decision is not the world’s worst thing. Had they signed him as a free agent or something. But take the following tweets into consideration:

Ouch. Okay, rough patch.

So, what’d they give up to get him? I would’ve guessed like…a 3rd rounder. Y’know, unproven backup who looked bad last year, etc, etc.


Three picks, one of which is in the mid-second round this year. A pick traded by a desperately rebuilding team. Dicey.

As @passittobulis put it:

Exactly. So if he’s worth that, then Luongo is worth…a stack of gold bars and the DirecTV tiny giraffe?

Stay tuned today folks. Lots of news to come.


UPDATE:  Okay, from Bob McKenzie:

The more I think about it, the less I think it’s totally ridiculous, it just seems to me he was the wrong guy to target (being that I don’t think he’s very good), and they should be using those picks.