Well hello!

After a crazy draft weekend, Pizzo and I felt the need to do a show today. We discussed:

* Jordan Staal getting traded to Carolina

* James van Riemsdyk and Luke Schenn swapping teams in a 1-for-1 deal

* The NHL draft

* The Islanders trying to trade all their picks to move up a couple spots

* Jordan Staal’s well-timed wedding

* And much. much more.

You can listen to it here:

Download it here, and subscribe on iTunes here. Bookface!

Comments (2)

  1. Nothing about Ribeiro heading to the Caps? And Justin had nothing to say on the Isles getting Visnovsky?

  2. I would have liked to hear something about Z coming back to Phoenix.

    Also I said this on Twitter but you guys should get this on Stitcher, it would make it a lot easier to listen to the podcast on my phone

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