There may not be any correlation here, but I tend to believe playmakers will always make the best coaches. Dale Hunter has had some coaching success coming from a different role, as many do, but I just really like the Washington Capitals decision to go with, drumroll please…Adam Oates. Talk about a playmaker.

Guys in that role are almost always smart. They read things well, they’re observant, they want to make everybody around them better. Those are all qualities a coach should have. I realize the claim is a sweeping generalization, but I just can’t help it.

Here’s the official news:

And there it is. This is the fifth straight head coaching gig that the Caps have given to a guy with no previous NHL head coaching experience, which is kinda bizarre. Still, I like it. Oates could be just what the doctor ordered for a club that can never seem to take the next step. Maybe not benching stars will be a part of his game plan?