There may not be any correlation here, but I tend to believe playmakers will always make the best coaches. Dale Hunter has had some coaching success coming from a different role, as many do, but I just really like the Washington Capitals decision to go with, drumroll please…Adam Oates. Talk about a playmaker.

Guys in that role are almost always smart. They read things well, they’re observant, they want to make everybody around them better. Those are all qualities a coach should have. I realize the claim is a sweeping generalization, but I just can’t help it.

Here’s the official news:

And there it is. This is the fifth straight head coaching gig that the Caps have given to a guy with no previous NHL head coaching experience, which is kinda bizarre. Still, I like it. Oates could be just what the doctor ordered for a club that can never seem to take the next step. Maybe not benching stars will be a part of his game plan?

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  1. Great news for Oates. He’ll be missed in New Jersey. I have a feeling his experience working with Ilya Kovalchuk will help him work with Alex Ovechkin who is friends with Kovalchuk.

  2. I try to look at the bigger picture some times so my first thought wasn’t “Will Oates be a good coach?”

    My first question was “Will Oates be good recruitment material for McPhee when he’s trying to lure free agents?”

    For the latter question, I say yes and more so than Hunter. I think young players know that Oates was monumental as a play-maker in his day.

    To the first question: I’m guessing yes because he’s a student of the game but will the players buy into his system? who knows.

  3. As Sandwiches1123 said, one of the questions is if he can get the players to buy in to his system. And by players, I specifically mean Ovechkin.

  4. What is his system to which you refer?

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