"So, wait wait. To clarify. You got in. I didn't. ...Huh."

Today the NHL announced it’s 2012 Hall-of-Fame inductees. …You pumped? …Me too. Let the debates rage!

There’s a massive glut of talent waiting on the front porch these days, so I’m with Joe Yerdon of NBC’s Pro Hockey Talk on this – the “four players per year” thing is holding back some legitimately qualified people from getting in (see: Brendan Shanahan and his 600+ goals, 1300+ points, three Stanley Cups and generally gritty play) – at some point we’re going to have to make a few exceptions.

But, no reason to look at the half-empty side of the glass today – congratulations to the new inductees, who now get to add “- HOF 2012 -” to every autograph they ever sign going forward:

* Mats Sundin

* Joe Sakic

* Pavel Bure

* Adam Oates (Got his first head coaching job and inducted into the Hall of Fame on the same day. Wow.)

A pretty decent quartet right there.

Joe Sakic was my favourite player growing up (best release in hockey history, along with Mike Bossy), Mats Sundin had a global effect on our game, Pavel Bure was absolutely electric, and Adam Oates was a dishin’ magician. All four are extremely deserving of the honour.

While a qualified few may still be on the outskirts looking in, let’s use today to celebrate those who were welcomed into the Hall today.






Umm…I couldn’t find a great highlight video, so here’s something far, far better: