"So, wait wait. To clarify. You got in. I didn't. ...Huh."

Today the NHL announced it’s 2012 Hall-of-Fame inductees. …You pumped? …Me too. Let the debates rage!

There’s a massive glut of talent waiting on the front porch these days, so I’m with Joe Yerdon of NBC’s Pro Hockey Talk on this – the “four players per year” thing is holding back some legitimately qualified people from getting in (see: Brendan Shanahan and his 600+ goals, 1300+ points, three Stanley Cups and generally gritty play) – at some point we’re going to have to make a few exceptions.

But, no reason to look at the half-empty side of the glass today – congratulations to the new inductees, who now get to add “- HOF 2012 -” to every autograph they ever sign going forward:

* Mats Sundin

* Joe Sakic

* Pavel Bure

* Adam Oates (Got his first head coaching job and inducted into the Hall of Fame on the same day. Wow.)

A pretty decent quartet right there.

Joe Sakic was my favourite player growing up (best release in hockey history, along with Mike Bossy), Mats Sundin had a global effect on our game, Pavel Bure was absolutely electric, and Adam Oates was a dishin’ magician. All four are extremely deserving of the honour.

While a qualified few may still be on the outskirts looking in, let’s use today to celebrate those who were welcomed into the Hall today.






Umm…I couldn’t find a great highlight video, so here’s something far, far better:

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  1. Wow, if that’s the list, the Shannahan “snub” is going to have the world afire.

  2. Offsides? OFFSIDES?


  3. Finally Sakic makes it. The man is a legend, captaining the avs to 2 cups, Hart Trophy winner, Conn Smythe and of course winning a Gold Medal for us after 50 years and scoring 2 goals in that game! The man has won everything there is to win. He could do everything, score,assist, score under pressure, leadership, defend, play on the point for powerplays. He is the definition of a franchise player. Well deserved!

    • ‘finally’ Sakic makes it? Finally? This was his first year of eligibilty, so he has waited literally the minimum amount of time possible before joining the hall of fame…

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