The NHL Draft has become an exercise in routine.

- Bettman gives team signal to come make their pick.

- Team walks up.

- “We’d like to say hello to our fans watching back at our draft party at X.”

- “We’d like to congratulate the Y on their Stanley Cup victory.”

- “We’d like to thank Z for being such gracious hosts this weekend.”

- “We are proud to select this player from his junior team.”

- Player smiles.

- Player hugs person to his immediate left or right.

- Player jogs down the stairs and hands jacket off to jacket runner.

- Players walks up to the stage, takes jersey and hat, puts it on.

- Player takes picture.

- Repeat.

There are a few variables in here, and lucky for all of you Rob Pizzo was in Pittsburgh getting players to commit to what they would do before the draft. We scored how honest they were after the fact.

Two questions:

1) Who would you hug?
2) Do you put on the hat?