Sometimes being a hockey fan makes me do stupid things. I try to be a rational human being who makes decisions based on reason, but one of the things that throws my rationality right out the window is hockey. It catches me off-guard sometimes: I’ve stayed up all night to watch World Championship hockey in Europe, knowing not only that I need to work the next day, but also that the game would be shown on TV in Canada later the next day anyways. Also, I have PVR. And it’s the World Championship. Like I said: stupid.

With that said, I don’t regret all of the stupid things I do because of hockey. For instance, last week I bought a vintage Quebec Nordiques leather jacket and it is amazing.

I live in Abbotsford, BC, the somewhat reluctant home of the Heat, the AHL affiliate of the Calgary Flames. There is a section of Abbotsford that is officially known as Old Abbotsford, but to my wife and I, it’s Fun Abbotsford. Have I mentioned that my wife and I are both incredibly lame? Our poor son is going to be horrifically embarrassed once he’s old enough to understand how embarrassing we are.

Fun Abbotsford has the best stores: JB’s Candy Shoppe, where they make delicious handmade chocolates, Paper Nation, the world’s friendliest scrapbooking store, Four Aces Comics, which always has the best deals on graphic novels, and Karl’s Meats, which imports all sorts of fun food from the Netherlands and Germany. There’s an Indian restaurant, New Passage to India, that is phenomenal. Just down the road from the restaurant is Smart Care Auto, home of the kindest, most up front mechanic I have ever met.

What I’m saying is that I love Fun Abbotsford.

Right next door to Four Aces Comics is a small little vintage clothing store called Champion Jack’s Vintage Clothing & Record Emporium. I don’t often go to vintage clothing stores, but my wife wanted to check it out and I went in with her. While she looked at skirts along one wall, I decided to look at the leather jackets. There, hanging amongst the typical black and brown leather jackets on the rack was one in striking blue that caught my eye. And when I pulled back the jackets around it to get a better look, that’s when I saw it.

The Quebec Nordiques’ bizarre logo: a hockey stick leaning on a stylized lowercase “N” to form an igloo, with a hockey puck magically floating above the stick. It even had a shoulder patch that said “Joe” on it, which I took to mean Joe Sakic.

The store was closing and we had somewhere else to be, so I returned the jacket to the rack, but by the time we got home that evening, I knew I had to go back the next day to take another look. I swear, I only intended to take a couple pictures of the jacket for Twitter, but the hockey fan in me started to take over. I decided to try it on to get a picture of me wearing it: the damn thing fit perfectly.

My wife immediately saw the look in my eye and knew we were about to spend some money. I can’t help it: I’m a hockey fan.

I have no idea when the jacket was originally made or whether it was part of a larger run of NHL leather jackets. My suspicion is that it’s a custom jacket, as the “Joe” patch on the left shoulder most likely doesn’t stand for Joe Sakic like I originally thought, as the number on the right shoulder isn’t his familiar 19. Instead, it’s Michel Goulet’s famed 16. It seems like the guy who owned the jacket was named Joe and liked the number 16, I suppose.

To be honest, I am very tempted to see if I can remove the “6″ and flip it upside down, turning it into a proper Joe Sakic leather jacket.

I am now the proud owner of a potentially one-of-a-kind Quebec Nordiques leather jacket that, judging by that collar, is from the 80′s. I wish I had more information about the jacket, but Astro Sportswear wasn’t able to provide any further details.

Have any of you seen a similar jacket before? Do you have any oddball purchases you have made just because you’re a hockey fan? Do you agree that this is the greatest leather jacket of all time?