The NHL’s process of doling out supplementary discipline is not something a whole ton of fans care for. Granted, it was 10-times worse the season before Brendan Shanahan and his clarity-inducing videos came along, but still – one guy makes a decision with the input he has, and if you’d like to appeal, well, you’re going to have to make it to…the same company that suspended you, the NHL.

There’s no independent arbiter, no panel of judges, just a very parent-like stance of “because we said so.” Because of that, very, very few rulings are changed. Why neuter the guy making the decisions, after all.

Well, Gary Bettman finally went done and did it – he backed Shanahan’s Torres’ suspension off by four games (which saves Torres lots and lots of money, and also helps the Coyotes).

As Bruce Arthur said:

Well put.

Here’s the always-reliable Darren Dreger with the news:

While I initially thought 25 games was a biiit excessive, I was happy to see a real, eye-opening suspension get handed out. The type that might actually make a guy think “Seriously, I can’t afford to do that again or I’ll forfeit millions of dollars by missing half a season.”

The reduction does bring it back to a more reasonable, consistent range though, so I’m not going to lose my mind over it.

I will, however, stand by the fact that Raffi Torres is a near-criminal on the ice.

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  1. Nice to see the owner of a team reducing the suspension of his own player…what a shi’ite show the NHL disciplinary process is.

  2. So, the NHL wants to show players that they will hit them where it hurts. The pocket book. And to do this….they reduce a suspension.

  3. Torres’s hit on Hossa was a clean hit. Yes Torres had him lined up for it and yes he left his feet; but i think him doing so was just a hockey decision that he had to make as the impact became eminent. Hossa and Torres are a lot different in size and as Torres approached Hossa, he realized this guy was going to crumple him on impact. I think he jumped to change the gravitational mpact that Hossa was going to have on him and he turned his back to defend against it. I think he meant to finish his very hard hit, not knock his head off.

    Now, you wanta talk criminal, Chara and Pacioretti. Chara knew of the stantion as a tool. First thing Chara did was get his left leg behind and under Pac to prevent Pac from sitting, which was the only thing Pac could have done to avoid the stantion as he aproached it. Then Chara used his elbow to lean Pac over into the stantion head first – plain as day. Everyone said it was a hockey decision. No, it was premeditated, planned and carried out to perfection. Pacioreti just happened to be the guy who got into that possition for Chara to carry it out.

    • Jesus H. Christ, here we go again. Okay Shayne (by the way, you can change the spelling that your parents messed up while hammered on cabo wabo, not all that difficult really..), here’s the thing, you completely dismantled your own argument with your last sentence. Pacioretty (again, spelling is not your family’s forté) put himself into a position to be hit into the stanchion (again with the spelling) when he tried to slide by Chara. If you’re going to say that Chara knew where the stanchion was then you HAVE to say that Pacioretty knew, especially since he could see it the whole time, where as Chara turned at the last moment to prevent Pacioretty from getting by.


      • That schlonggg like dangle in my name actually bothers you Cameron, is that it? And because you were a man born with an itsee-tee-nee wee one, you have to attack me like a bitch on the rag about my spelling and the spelling of my name? Wow. Crack babies are doing it [doin' it.]

        Do you not realize how bad your grammar is Ca – mer – ron?
        Never mind my spelling. And if you want to attack my content you should quote me, not make it up as you go. You show plainly you aren’t even really bothered by what i said or even how i spelt it; but rather, just the spelling of my name. Wow, Ca – mer – ron. I really am quite amazed. You demonstrate just how little a penis really can be.


        • I just finished writing a long rant where I uncharacteristically cussed and spoke my mind about respecting eachother and our opinions. Along with that I disagreed with the author and related my thoughts regarding the current frightening trends in N.H.L. hockey today. I warned about complacency and that if things don’t soon change we will all sit in silence as some poor young athlete is wheeled off the ice either paralyzed or dead. When finished, my comments were rejected and said that I was spamming. HMM!!!!! Interesting!

  4. Disgusting but not surpising. Protect the coyotoes at all costs… throw shanny under the bus indeed. nhl discredits itself, again.

  5. People who say the Coyotes get special treatment are just idiotic and they obviously do not know the crap that the team had to put up with last season in regards to scheduling and the suspensions our players received, and the budget for the team even the lack of budget for advertising and marketing.

    • Lack of money for the Coyotes? Could that possibly have ANYTHING to do with the fact that they have/had no owner?

      Its kind of like the unemployed graduate complaining that he ONLY got a Mazda from his parents rather than a Mercedes-Benz.

  6. poor coyotes!!! persecuted!!! only betteman to intervene for them… nhl commisioner intervenes and overides shanahan… what does that do to the league and the players and fans?? one more light hit and hossa could be dead or career gone…and torres gets to do it again. garage league. protect coyotes to keep them in FEENICKS cause bettman doesnt want them in southern ontario….all money, ego, and politics… hence… reduction of a sentence after the fact. is this supposed to make the hawks and coyotes forget this incident now somehow? does this send a message to the league… what message is it?

  7. Everyone,

    There’s a very good chance this reduction was a matter of following the NHL’s CBA.

    Long story short, the NHL prescribes the factors Shanaban must consider when setting suspension length. I can’t recall the details offhand, but apparently Shanahan improperly included certain older suspensions when considering the repeat offender status, which added too many extra games.

    The NHL is keeping the reasons hush-hush because it doesn’t want to embarass shanahan.

    Source: labour lawyer that worked for (and keeps in touch with) the current AGM in Vancouver, in conversation with the legal assistant to a certain NHL deputy commissioner.

  8. A complete and utter joke (not to Hossa I suspect). Again the N.H.L. demonstrates it’s complacent lack of concern for players well being and fans who want to watch actual hockey. Oh, I suspect there will be a little bit of squabbling but return, as usual great fans of the N.H.L.. Nothing will change. A SADLY UGLY JOKE!!!!

  9. I wish they’d left the 25 game suspension. I genuinely wish ALL head shots were dealt with this harshly – this is players’ BRAINS, here, it’s not a knee or an arm, the types of injuries they sustain from concussions can be permanent and completely devastating. I think every head shot should be automatic major penalty, game misconduct, ejection from the game, and then handed off for a heavy suspension. If they start making the price for delivering a head shot REALLY high, people aren’t going to do it anymore! Accidents happen, yes, but you have to use some common sense and try not to hit people in the head hard enough to scramble their brains.

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