The NHL’s process of doling out supplementary discipline is not something a whole ton of fans care for. Granted, it was 10-times worse the season before Brendan Shanahan and his clarity-inducing videos came along, but still – one guy makes a decision with the input he has, and if you’d like to appeal, well, you’re going to have to make it to…the same company that suspended you, the NHL.

There’s no independent arbiter, no panel of judges, just a very parent-like stance of “because we said so.” Because of that, very, very few rulings are changed. Why neuter the guy making the decisions, after all.

Well, Gary Bettman finally went done and did it – he backed Shanahan’s Torres’ suspension off by four games (which saves Torres lots and lots of money, and also helps the Coyotes).

As Bruce Arthur said:

Well put.

Here’s the always-reliable Darren Dreger with the news:

While I initially thought 25 games was a biiit excessive, I was happy to see a real, eye-opening suspension get handed out. The type that might actually make a guy think “Seriously, I can’t afford to do that again or I’ll forfeit millions of dollars by missing half a season.”

The reduction does bring it back to a more reasonable, consistent range though, so I’m not going to lose my mind over it.

I will, however, stand by the fact that Raffi Torres is a near-criminal on the ice.