Thank the lord it didn’t happen. It just wouldn’t have been right.

It’s never fun to see a player that’s synonymous with a single team leave at the very end of his career for one more kick-at-the-can in another. It just never looks right.

Today Martin Brodeur signed a two-year, nine million dollar contract with the New Jersey Devils, which means his entire career will have been spent as a member of one organization – admirable, awesome. He’s won three Stanley Cups there, and has amassed the greatest stats of any goaltender in NHL history. You can debate who’s the best of all-time, but statistically, it’s this big Devil.

His agent Pat Brisson had this to say about his signing today (from USA Today’s live blog):

“Most teams were a bit surprised when Marty hit the market yesterday,” said his agent, Pat Brisson. “If they had more time to prepare, we might have seen a lot more teams ready to offer (Marty), arguably one of the best goalies of all-time, a two-year deal at higher levels. Having said that, it makes total sense to finish where he started.”

It’s too bad Marty had to hire an agent to get something done with the Devils this year, but at least the process didn’t drag out too long. And even better, at least we don’t have to see him pull on a Chicago Blackhawks or Toronto Maple Leafs sweater next season and feel incredibly uncomfortable. Everybody wins!

(Except maybe the Devils as his talent deteriorates, but, ahem, let’s celebrate the positives here today.)