Today Zach Parise spoke to the media after a long day, and explained that he hasn’t made a decision yet. He took questions, but refused to let on if he was leaning in any particular direction.

I’ve got absolutely no problem with that.

But, it does mean that the rest of the league has to wait another day to find out what’s happening. There are a number of people who are Plan B for teams that don’t get Parise, and those guys, and their families now have to wait too. Teams need to wait to figure out who’s available, what holes need to be filled, and figure out a way to catch the earlier-falling dominoes.

That’s a lot of pressure on one guy (well two, with Suter waiting to decide as well).

As Elliotte Friedman mentioned on Twitter, there’s no way a major life decision should have to play out like this:

If Parise had 100 million dollar offers from two teams, it might be reasonable to assess the pros and cons in a couple days. But, those lists go long – where do you want to raise a family, does climate matter, do teammates matter, does staff matter, does loyalty matter, where’s your best chance to win as a team, where will you succeed most on a personal level, do you have friends on the team….I mean, I could make this paragraph 1000 words. Still, a decision could be made in 48, 72 hours, assuming things weren’t ridiculously close between the two.

But Parise has like, six, seven teams hurling 80-100 million-dollar offers at him. What is it, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Philly, Chicago, Minnesota, Detroit…maybe Carolina….god knows who else. How much time would you need on the pro/con list in that scenario? What would be the problem with allowing a “courting period” that could start after the draft and run until yesterday?

It’s not like teams are allowed to offer him contracts during the season. It’s not like they’re allowed to express interest. Anyone who thinks “he’s had all year” has no idea about the process. You can guess, but you never really know your options.

With the new CBA being negotiated this summer, something has to change. There’s no reason guys shouldn’t be allowed to hear everyone out in a manner more thorough than speed dating, and sit down with the people most important to them, and think.

Instead, Parise’s making people angry, all because he’s being a smart guy.