We hadn’t planned on doing a podcast, so Rob Pizzo is on the desk all day. And by that I mean, they let that guy on TV in Canada, so he’s occupied all day. In his place, we have the one and only guru of beerability, Derek Snider.

We discussed:

* The upcoming American election, and how job growth could be key to Obama’s re-election

* Not the thing I wrote above

* The Suter and Parise signings

You can listen to it here:

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  1. “Tears of the Red Wing organization”? Sorry, but the Red Wings didn’t lose anyone. Boo Hoo.

    What about loyalty to the team that drafted him? Where he matured as a player? Where he became captain? Just sayin’.

    Ilya would sign the contract. Look, yeah it sucks for the Devils, sure, but jeez, did I walk into the Devils’ funeral and no one told me? We still have guys like Henrique and Larsson, who are only going to get better. There’s still tons of talent in the organization. Can’t replace Parise, but we’ll be alright.

    -Cranky Devils fan.

    • They lost that Lidstrom guy, I’m not much of a wings fan but I heard he was pretty good.

      • Yeah im pretty sure they were hoping to replace Lidstrom with Suter, at least thats what many people were talking about. So, i’d call it a loss.

        And as far as owing teams for being drafted, I think maybe you could say that about guys drafted in the lower rounds, who are given a shot to grow at the farm and then finally given a shot on the big team. Parise was drafted in the first round. If the Devils hadn’t taken him, somebody else would have because he was a top prospect. He was skilled and worked extremely hard. He earned the right to play in the NHL. Certainly it’s nice to see players stay with the teams that drafted them, but it’s not something that’s owed to the team just because they drafted the guy. NJ is a pretty classy organization, but if you were drafted by some shit team, or a team that was horribly mismanaged, would you owe it to them to stay there? On the other side of the coin, we see guys sing long term deals with teams and eventually get traded. It’s a business and shit happens. This guy had the opportunity to pick his spot and he went for it.

      • Was podcast about Lidstrom?

        All signs point to “no”.

        -Cranky Devils fan.

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