David Perron goes nowhere

We have a moderately impactful singing! The St. Louis Blues have re-signed restricted free agent David Perron to a 4-year, $15.25 million deal. This is not really major news but I love David Perron so I decided to write about it and I have the microphone and you don’t. Did I just make a Wedding Singer reference? You’re goddamn right I did. My references are both hilarious and topical.

Perron had an odd career year last year, putting up 42 in an injury-shortened 57 game season. While not the most exciting of years, I really enjoyed watching him play and was a player that made me really dislike the fact that Brian Burke doesn’t believe in offer sheets. Good on Perron and good on the Blues. It’s signings like these that are the reason the Blues have become really good. Also that whole goaltending thing. But mostly the signings (kind of).