History has been made. Today is a day that will go down in infamy. Other platitudes that people say when important things happen. We have officially seen the first inter-sport trade. Steve Nash has been traded to the LA Kings. What, you don’t believe me? It was on TV, it must be true. Not only was it on TV, it was on the Toronto-based, 24-hour news channel CP24, obviously the most reliable name in news. “But Jake,” I hear you saying, “this makes absolutely no sense. What kind of blog post is this?” To which I say, “pish posh, this is a blog post reminiscent of the great Cronkite blogs during the war.”

Seriously, it happened. Look

(Credit: @MRichie_10)

Personally, I can’t wait to see what this trade will do for the Stanley Cup champs. They’re already so strong in their front six and you have to figure that Nash will just add even more depth. I can’t wait to see Anze Kopitar spread the ice, taking stretch passes from Nash. And for all those scrambles in front of the net, Nash’s soccer skills could definitely come in handy. Skate to stick will never have seemed so fluid, so smooth, so Nash.

In a way, this could mean big things for the NHL and its future success in America. In another, more accurate way, this means nothing and is stupid. Clean it up, CP24.

In other news, I really want to know if they ever found that man they sought in that high-speed chase. North York is both too fast and too furious.