We all pretty much know that Roberto Luongo is out of town in Vancouver and it sounds as though he knows it too with this quote from an interview on Vancouver radio

There audio is courtesy of @ron_gallo so cheers to him for doing the leg work on this one.

Luongo clip by Ron Gallo

Despite Mike Gillis’ incessant posturing that he’s willing to break camp with two goaltenders — Cory Schneider and Roberto Luongo — who are in direct competition with one another, it’s pretty clear at this point that it can’t happen.

This isn’t the early mid-2000s Minnesota Wild, and these aren’t goaltenders of Dwayne Roloson and Manny Fernandez repute. The Canucks have one of the best post-lockout goaltenders in the NHL and one of the hottest goaltending ‘prospects’ in the league today. It’s impossible to juggle workloads that do these players justice, let alone juggle the psyches of guys who want to be workhorses.

Roberto Luongo is on his way out of Vancouver, it’s just a matter of where. We know it, and he knows it.

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  1. Haven’t we all known this for months now. They’d be stupid to start the season with both of these goal tenders. Although i’d certainly like to see the sparks fly if it happens.

  2. Luongo is coming to Toronto!!!!

  3. I don’t think he couldn’t handle Vancouver. In fact, he handled it quite well. Luongo wasn’t the one who initiated all of this. Luongo was willing to work through it.

    Luongo could handle the Toronto media but he’s not “coming to Toronto”.

    Luongo’s contract is long but its really not that bad in terms of cap hits. If there is a team that doesn’t care about actual salary it is Toronto. Luongo is going to a place he can win or be comfortable, hopefully he will get both in his mind. Florida is the obvious choice for comfort. There are several options for winning but they need to be able to take on his salary which really limits the number of teams.

    I still think he goes to Florida.

    • The only way Luongo will come to Toronto is if Vancouver is willing to take back some bad contracts: Komisarek(2yrs, 7mil), Connolly(1 yr,4 mil), Lombardi(1yr,3.5mil)…but then again Burke is in charge anything is possible.

      • I like that idea, and you’re wrong about Burke. He’s just the fall guy. Leaf ownership has always sold out our best players and refused to replace with comparable. 3/4 of the team is and has been AHL players for the last 4 years. Leaf Nation is a child’s carnival and the kiddies don’t know any better. Offer them some candifloss and apples and they gobble it all up thinking they have the best NHL team in the wolrd. Burke will take Luongo and will give away our only two good players in Gardner and Lupul to do it. But I’d say we be better off without him and Burke. Big contract or no, they both suck. They’d be much happier as flaming plumbers and should retire.

  4. i love how all leaf fans still think they MIGHT make the playoffs some season and it never happens…do you think if bobby lu ended up there that would change…nope sorry.. more golf for all the poor leaf lovers…jets are more likely to be the next canadian hope…he should go to the peg and light up the loudest rink in the show!!!

  5. Can’t see him going to Florida. Florida has Markstrom, it’s likely that in a few years Luongo and Markstrom could be in the same position Luongo and Schneider are in now.

    And Theodore’s numbers this year (on a worse team) were almost identical to Luongo’s at something like 1/5 the cost.

    Florida also doesn’t have much to offer in trade considering that they won’t give up any prospects.

  6. Luongo is coming to WHO THE FUCK CARES!

  7. Burkie, let Gillis roast on a spit. Then offer up table scraps. Nobody wants that horrible 10 year contract on 33 YEAR old backup goalie on a team that was shellacked in the first round.

    • Ya, I can’t believe they lost to LA, I mean, LA sucked this year! And aside from that game 7 SCF the year before, Luongo’s never ever taken a team deep into the playoffs! Good stuff big m.

    • funny thing in many posts Nuk fans think Gillis has the leaverage here. LOL HAHAHAHAHAH Gillis has NO leaverage since he signed that contract and dimished Lus value alot. Its a Cap world. And relief is part of trade a big part. Not only that Lu Aint returning to NUks like i said long ago at end of season when Kyper said hes out. Not only that Alan the coach says it and Gillis is like no dont say that cause it ruins he bargaining postion. Unless Gillis lowers his return alot Burke aint biting.

  8. Lou is still a VERY good (in fact exceptional) goalie; it is only 2 years since the Olympic Games gold medal performance where he replaced Brodeur as number 1 on Team Canada and one year since the Stanley Cup final loss to a VERY hot Tim Thomas.

    Brodeur just made it to Lord Stanley’s Cup finals again this year as a 40 year old, and has since signed a very nice contract to wind down his career in NJ.

    Whereas Tim Thomas just “burned out” in Bean Town and will sit next season out.

    Lou has staying power; his contract is guaranteed for the remainder of his career and gets more favorable as the years roll forward. What is happening here in Vancouver is reminiscent to the Montreal situation with Patrick Roy. Patrick Roy was amazing and then had a hiccup, and got beat up in the media for it. This carried forward to the “fans” and they wanted him out of town. Roy won two additional Stanley Cup Championships after his trade, and Montreal has not even made an appearance to the finals.

    What is really crazy about all this is that just prior to the start of the NHL season is that everyone wanted to shop Cory Schneider out to fill the gaps elsewhere on the team’s lineup. Lou was still king despite the lapses in Boston during the 7 game finals series. Vancouver won the President’s trophy again this year and unfortunately lost to a VERY hot team that just happened to go on to win the Stanley Cup. A few games stretch does not make a career and in no way defines it.

    I really hope that one day the Vancouver hockey “fans” will actually get more knowledgeable about this game and more appreciative of the talent of their players. The Media is no better here on the West Coast. At the moment Vancouverites are too concerned with image and Lou is just not “in” right now.

    It would be unfortunate to lose Roberto this off-season.

    Questions for Chris Lund (or anyone who wishes to comment):
    If it is inevitable then what options are there really out there; being that team options appear limited (we know Lou is good with either the Toronto hockey market or in Florida because it is where his wife and children are) but what are those teams really able to offer in return that makes sense for Vancouver?

    Also why are the only options presented to date just straight Team to Team player swaps. Why not include a third, fourth or fifth team? Say maybe Columbus wants a potential name or prospects for Nash that Toronto or Florida can give them and then Nash can head to Vancouver (as an example and trying to make the best of the situation here).

    • “I really hope that one day the Vancouver hockey “fans” will actually get more knowledgeable about this game and more appreciative of the talent of their players. The Media is no better here on the West Coast. At the moment Vancouverites are too concerned with image and Lou is just not “in” right now.”

      This is an absurd generalization.

    • Hey Winston,

      First off, thanks for your comment.

      With respect to what Vancouver is looking for in exchange for Luongo, it’s hard to say. On one hand we know that they’re seeking depth up front and prospects, but the ideal quantities of both are really up in the air right now. It’s hard to pinpoint Luongo’s market value because the Canucks are trying to move forward with Cory Schneider and the Luongo contract is an albatross of sorts. The Canucks aren’t working from a point of strength here so it really depends on what the market will bear.

      The straight two-team swaps are really more a sign of the conventions in the NHL. Three team deals are much more common in the NBA or MLB. That’s not to say it can’t happen because it’s entirely possible, but the three or more team deals are tough to forecast because there are so many variables at play. Could Luongo, Nash and Bobby Ryan all move in the same deal? Sure. But it’s just tough to project that type of thing unless you have one hell of a source.

      Hope that clears up your question

  9. All this Luongo talk seems to be just spewed around without thought.

    1 – why does everyone say Luongos contract is so horrific? His 5.3 mill cap hit is on the low side for a goalie of his caliber

    2 – his contract was signed before he was 35 so if he retires his contract won’t count against the teams cap hip

    3 – Luongo is best playing for worse teams where he gets lots of action and if the team loses he gets praised for giving his team a chance to win rather than. Blamed for costing his team the game and if he plays for Toronto that’s exactly how he will be treated

    4 – people who are saying they wouldn’t have trade a bag of pucks for him clearly are not looking at the situation from both sides. True vancouver needs to get his cap off but even more than that Brian Burke wants to keep his job and to do that the leafs need to win and to do that they need a good goalie like Luongo so tell me who is under more pressure the GM who’s job is on the line or the back to back presidents trophy winners who could use a little more cap space?

    • Your delusional if you think Lus worth the moon. Not with that contract that takes CAP space and for 10 more years .Burke wont pay what that moron Gillis wants which is all our propects. Burke doesnt need Lu and his 10 year contract. He can get any goalie through trade. Lu aint the only goalie in the NHL. Gillis will have to lower the price alot if any trade with any team will happen. Burke aint paying it for sure till he does lower it

      • First off. I never said that Luongo was worth the moon second if you read my post you would know that his 10 year contract is moot because when he retires his cap hit comes off the books. Third if you think that Burke can just “get any goalie through trade” then you are insane. If you want a bonafide experianced starting goalie how many teams have 2 of those laying around? Because no team is going to trade their only starting goalie now are. They? And really even if you did find another team willing to part with their starter what do the leafs have to offer in trade aside from draft picks? They are not going to give up kessel and other than him they have no major bargaining chips other than draft picks because no one is lining up for reimer so what do they have to trade in order to acquire a number one goalie

  10. Gillis is at a disadvantage as his ill go with two goaltenders next year has been proved a lie by Nick Kypreos at en of season, when Alan says Lu aint coming back(with Gillis denying that of course) and now Lu himself saying NO i aint coing back. With that contract Gillis stupidly gave and the fact Lu wants out should make this a ok return. Nothing more. Burke can offer better package than Florida but he wont give what that monkey Gillis wants. If he wants a decent return he will have to take back salary and thats that.Lower the price then something will happen. No big deal to the Team that doesnt get him. Saves them a bad contract for years.

  11. Boo-on-go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOUUUOOOOOOOOOO!!!! 33 and emotionally defeated… desperate to loeave when he should be desperate to stay and win… spells LOSER. leafs dont need this guy, they need a GM.

  12. Louongo is 6’3 217 lb hes 33 and his contract is fair. hes a three time allstar, olympic gold medal winning, game 7 stanley cup loosing, vesna trophy finalist, He just recently lead his team to the best record in the nhl two years in a row plus lowest goals-against. Only one goalie has more wins than him in the nhl today, and he is 40.
    i think he will be traded b4 the season starts. i think gillis should trade edler for webber right now cuz we all know webber wont sign in nashville, but id bet he would in van.

    • I agree that Looooo is underappreciated. I laughed hard though at your “Edler for Weber” suggestion. Edler’s got potential and has played well at times, but even at his best he’s no Shea Weber, not even close, and he was terrible in the playoffs against LA. I can’t even imagine what Vancouver would have to add to make that deal work

    • vanjagr, Agreed. Luongo has shown his talent and has always been a loyal player for the team. He signed the contract that Van. gave him (which is were it should be for a player of his skill – nothing wrong with it) and is still one of the elite goaltenders in the league. Definite scape goat for many systemic problems with the Canucks. I’m not taking anything away from C.S., he has also shown that he is a top level goalie. Luongo is not happy. We don’t know the complete inside story in Van.. However, he nor anyone can play at the top of their game in a situation they seem to have there. It wasn’t long ago that Luongo was a hero to the fans. Fans are fickle or one could say non-loyal. Probably most understand the scoop, but blaming him is totally unfair and unwarranted. Yes, he must move on and he will eventually end up where he is appreciated. The Canucks have deeper issues than having two top net minders. Have they not won the regular seasons? Yes they have. Again, it’s ridiculously unfair to blame R.L. for their lack of success in the playoffs. Marc Andre Fluery was also blamed when bombarded in the playoffs behind a terrible defence. To me he also appeared injured but it could have been fatigue. Looks like the Pens saw it that way and got him a backup. The Caps would also be another example of scape goating where other problems are glaring. Anyway, R.L. will be fine again soon playing somewhere where he is wanted and playing well. I don’t think the Canucks have a goalie problem. They have other in house issues that need to be addressed. It is always amazing IMO that teams always find it so much easier to find a single scape goat for their woes than to utilize their many resources to admit, confront, and fix up whatever ails them. If I was Roberto Luongo I’d be pissed off too.

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