I’m not sure if it still qualifies as an infographic when it’s not a static image (infovideo sounds kind of silly), but apparently that’s what they’re sticking with for a label here.

This animated visualization is hypnotic, interesting and kind of out there – it basically shows you every goal (and every PIM) from the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the order they happened, using real time data.

The article that accompanies the video here draws some conclusions that I’ll politely term “misguided” (that penalties are a valuable thing to have a lot of in playoffs?), but it’s still worth a read if you want a more thorough explanation of just what’s going on below.

It was created by Bard Edlund (phew, no “k” in the last name) – you can check out more of his stuff below the video.

The higher-seeded the team, the higher the note.

Stanley Cup Summed Up from Bard Edlund on Vimeo.