Last year I had the distinct privilege of travelling with theScore to cover the Winter Classic, and without a doubt, the Alumni Game was the biggest surprise of the trip. It was packed, people cared, and cheered with nearly as much vigour as they did for the real game. The chants of “Bernie” for Parent was probably the coolest, loudest moment of the weekend.

Having seen many alumni games in my time, this truly caught me off guard (they’re usually comparable to eating super-dry turkey. Could be worse, still not all that pleasurable). But with this year being two teams with an undying love of their team’s history, I’ll be much better prepared for the energy.

Who will the Leafs trot out? The Red Wings? ANSWERS REVEALED BELOW.

For starters…there will be TWO alumni games. Apparently both clubs were overwhelmed by the amount of players that were interested in participating.

I’m not sure of the format, but here’s a great suggestion:

Yeahhh, let’s do it. Wings have the Lidstrom advantage right off the bat in the latter.

Anyway, they’re still solidifying the rosters, but here are the names we know for sure that’ll be playing this year:


* Chris Osgood
* Mike Vernon
* Dino Ciccarelli
* Alex Delvecchio
* Ted Lindsay
* Darren McCarty
* Kris Draper
* Chris Chelios
* John Ogrodnick
* Luc Robataille
* Larry Murphy
* Mark Howe
* Joey Kocur
* Kirk Maltby
* Mickey Redmond


* Mike Palmateer
* Curtis Joseph
* Felix Potvin
* Doug Gilmour
* Wendel Clark
* Dave Andreychuk
* Darcy Tucker
* Rick Vaive
* Daryl Sittler
* Kevin Maguire

The Leafs will also receive some sort of participation from Johnny Bower, Jim McKenny and Ron Ellis.

So neither team is close to penning in solid lineups, but they’re off to a good start, with a few Hall-of-Famers in the mix. As soon as more names are released, I’ll update this post.

Comments (13)

  1. Please tell me the Wings will get Gordie out there somehow. I mean Lindsay is on the list and Gordie did “play” a pro game in the 90′s. This has to happen.

  2. does Darcey tucker count as an alumni? are the leafs still paying him?

  3. Can Curtis Joseph play for the Leafs in one game, then join the Red Wings roster to try and win the second game?

  4. What about Sundin or Yzerman? the leafs have enough former players in the hall of fame they should be able to get a huge turnout, Same with wings

  5. You left out Kocur, Maltby, and Fischer for the Red Wings

  6. wow Kevin Macguire?!?, what about Dan Daoust, Greg Terrion and Jim Benning. Damn it’s been a lean 40 years for the Leafs!

  7. That is a good idea. The Leafs have enough goalies on their roster to put two teams together.

  8. BESTER FOREVER (is it 2 e’s or an e and an o, can’t remember)

  9. ummm hello it’s in Detroit right?
    Nikolai Borschevsky!!

  10. What, no Kerry Fraser for the Leafs?

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