Today I learned what a Mike Palmateer is.

Howdy! It’s your weekly edition of the Backhand Shelf Podcast (stupid summer schedule, I know). Rob Pizzo is on vacation, so Derek Snider filled in today, and man…we had a lot of fun.

On the surface, it seems like NHL topics are sparse, yet somehow we may have recorded the longest podcast we’ve ever done. John Noon is heavily involved, we meander, laugh, and even occasionally talk hockey.

So enjoy! Some of the topics we covered were:

* The Toews car crash

* Getting your “A” taken away for Parise/Suter

* A game called linemate/roommate/barmate (based loosely on marry/bang/kill)

* The Alumni Game(s) rosters

* beerability

* Shane Doan

* Derek’s Norwegian Elkhound

* Just….a thousand things. Give it a go.

You can listen to it here:

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