Aside from Backhand Shelf, I also do some work for Easton, so occasionally I’m privy to a few sneak-peeks that I find to be pretty cool. The gloves above are, obviously, Zach Parise’s new Minnesota Wild mitts that Easton will be giving him on Monday.

As much as I’m not a fan of the Christmas tree jerseys, even I have to admit – those are pretty darn sweet.

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  1. List of things Grumpy Devils Fans will say:

    “Zach Parise is really taking the Devil’s throwback getup to the extreme… Oh, wait…”
    “These are the hockey glove equivalent of Uggz.”
    “They look like a couple misshapen, green bricks.”

    I could go on…

  2. who cares they are only his gloves
    go look at koivu’s i bet theyre just as nice

  3. I know in the past you’ve done so, but have you considered doing some Easton Gear Reviews this summer? Love to hear your thoughts on the RS and the Mako (I assume you’ve played with both.) Sticks, Skates, Helmets, Gloves, whatever.

  4. Those are some high cuffs. Does Zach think this is 1982? Personally hate Nash Palms but, I’m sure he gets a new pair every month so he doesn’t need to think long term reliability.

  5. Easton = BAD

    Eagle = GOOD

    Haha sorry Justin. I just love me Eagle mitts. Most comfy i’ve ever had. And the anti-microbial liner keeps the stink to a bare minimum. That alone is worth the price of admission according to my wife.

  6. I’d love a pair of pro stock Easton’s in the wild color way. Any way to set me up with a pair of setoguchi’s?

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