Yes, it’s another Gotye parody. I know, I know, I’m sorry.

Like most of you, I reached my threshold for these long ago. BUT. Like when Cookie Monster did a parody of “Call Me, Maybe,” (“Share it, Maybe”) there are exceptions. I think this qualifies.

Drafted” is a show/contest put on by theScore to find the next great on-air personality, and this tortured Leafs fan decided this was the best way get ahead. And wouldn’t you know it, he was right – he’s got the most votes of any of the 24 contestants.

This is Andrew Damelin (@Transition_D) with “A Franchise That I Used to Know.”


Oh, and just for kicks, here’s what happens every time “That Gotye Song” comes on in the car:

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  1. Poor leafs fans. My brother is one. Got to be tough sledding.

  2. This is embarrassingly awful.

  3. this vid is genuinely hilarious. gotta respect the effort and the sweet kerry fraser action.

  4. That was so fucking dumb, if you look on youtube im sure you will find a lot of this dumb shit. You guys are losers that dont deserve a paycheck at all. Move to Montreal, where they are always negative like this. Worst post on this page ever, you goofs will lose a lot of fans. I have been loyal to The Score since 1997 when they were Headline Sports, not anymore. Between this shit, and the worst Baseball writer in the world Parkas. Im done

  5. That idiot was just looking for a reason to sing that catchy song with anything, how can you goofs not realize that?

  6. Not going to lie: I laughed.

    I laughed harder at the second video, though.

    • I lol’ed at the comments above yours. But honestly, I watched it through my fingers like a scary movie.

  7. “That Gotye Song” is the funniest thing I’ve seen yet during this craze.

    Because it’s true.

    So very sad, but so very true.

  8. Strangest Comments Ever Award goes to Phil K!

  9. Yes indeed so sad but true he probably should have mention Harold Ballard in is song.

  10. the 1st video was dumb 2nd was funny

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