I imagine that part of the beauty of hosting a late-night comedy show is that all the people you rip on can’t respond.

Introducing, Twitter!

When the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup, Conan O’Brien did a “this is Los Angeles before winning the Stanley Cup, this is LA after” skit that was…fine. It was a vacant street in the first part, and had one solitary Kings’ fan in the second. HAHAHAHA.

He took another lil’ swipe last night on Twitter, and I love where it ended up.

First Conan, then Kings’ forward Dustin Penner:

Ah, ouch.

That’s just about the perfect Twitter response. Not too mean, still playful, and just a touch of “…But seriously, though.”

Comments (4)

  1. Ha! Beautiful.

    Dustin Penner’s beer-ability rating continues to climb.

  2. I started following Penner because of that tweet.

    He was actually interesting to listen to on the BS Report as well.

  3. What’s interesting is that all the other prominent LA-based shows (… sorry, Ferguson…) had the Kings on right after winning the cup. While Leno was expected since he’s got the NBC connection, Kimmel actually got the entire team on there.

    Conan? Zilch. Maybe he got snubbed….

  4. SHOTS FIRED. Brace yourself

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