From a few New Jersey Devils PR tweets:

And Lamoriello’s take:

Well, hopefully “what he brings” can be learned.

To me, that’s the danger of hiring ex-players – a lot of guys can’t explain what they did to be successful. In reality, you can’t coach the timing Stevens had with his monster hits, nor can you coach the anticipation, the reads he was able to make.

But, they don’t give NHL jobs to just anyone, and it’s unlikely they hired him to be a mascot.

If Adam Larsson suddenly starts laying guys out, I’ll be a true believer.

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  1. The problem is he can no longer teach what he was best at (shoulder to the head in open ice) because if he does all of his players will be suspended.

  2. Right. That’s all he did. It’s not like he actually played defense or anything.

    If I were other teams, I would be intimidated by the mere presence of Scott Stevens anywhere near the ice surface. I mean, let’s get a good picture of him “glaring” at the opposition here.

    And think of the players. Let’s say you get caught puck watching and give up a goal. Do you really want to skate back to the bench, knowing full well you’re going to be on the end of a glare from one of the most fearsome players in the history of the NHL? I think not.

    The guy captained the Devils to the Cup multiple times. He’s spent the past couple years being groomed for this position. I think he’s ready.

  3. i’m excited. however, Stevens is replacing a big void left by Larry Robinson and his many years of coaching experience. hopefully Scotty can take a bit of what he learned from Robinson and transfer it to his own style and really mold the defense properly.

    admittedly, i don’t know much about Matt Shaw but i know that he did well with San Jose’s powerplay. since the Devil’s powerplay wasn’t all that great last year (get puck – pass to Kovi – pray), any help would be great.

  4. “If Adam Larsson suddenly starts laying guys out, I’ll be a true believer.”

    *Crosses fingers*

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