theScore’s baseball blog does something pretty kickass: they go .GIF crazy. Almost daily it seems like they capture something pretty great, they have a weekly “.GIF of the week,” and have already compiled their “.GIFs of the first half.

Being that we fall under the same Score banner, we figured hey, it’s not ripping off someone’s idea if you’re on the same team, right? (It is? Oh. …Shut up.)

So here you have it – the five best “bench moments” from the season that was…in .GIF form!

Here’s Vern Fiddler making fun of Kevin Bieksa, and Alain Vigneault loving it. 

Geez, settle down, guy.


Daniel Alfredsson had a little mid-game meltdown, and Colin Greening feared for his safety.

I think he just saw a spider on the bench.


I’m not exactly sure what happened here – did the bench give out? Did a stick fly into the bench? All I know is about three members of the Calgary Flames ate it, and that’s hilarious.


Breaking up fights is a tough enough job when you’re not getting decked in the face.

That punch misses Lapierre by a solid foot.


And finally, a clip that needs to be on the real top 10, not the “Not Top 10.” Check out Bylsma’s vert on this puck grab:


If you have any other clips you’d like us to add to our .GIF collection, be sure to let us know.


Update: great call from the comment section:

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  1. Don’t have them but have seen good gifs of Dustin Brown and the reverse water bottle. There is also another one of Bylsma on the bench reacting to a penalty call as if it was like someone stabbing him in the stomach. I know if was a Pens/Carolina game but that was about it.

  2. Brayden Holtby staring down Rich Peverley is pretty epic.

  3. Not sure if these were suppose to be funny/impressive only but how about Clowe and his antics in the last game against the Kings

  4. Falls in the “augmented” category, but easily my favorite gif of the year:

  5. How the hell did you forget this (from your own article)!

  6. how did the “porn star boobs behind pete deboer” not make the cut?!

  7. Good list for 2011-12.

    BOUCHERAGE would be my number one from 2010-11:

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