Nothing about New York really HOOKED Shea Weber. Hah, get it? Hooked? ...I hate myself

I know you’re all desperate for even more Shea Weber news and, by gum, I give the people what they want. The prospect of Weber becoming a Flyer has pretty

much every non-Flyer fan in something of an apoplectic rage (okay, probably not, but we’re not happy about it) but it turns out that this story could have been very different (except totally the same with a different team involved). Check it:


So, yeah, that’s a new one. It’s fully Weber’s choice to play where he wants, this just seems like kind of a silly excuse. First of all, there’s no law that mandates you live in Manahttan if you move to New York City and second of all, while Philly’s nowhere near the size of New York, it’s not exactly a small town. In fact, it has a population of over 1.5 million people.

But, hey, I get it, New York can be a scary place. Maybe he saw the Avengers recently and is was like “I’m relatively sure the Chitauri are invading sooner or later, I don’t want to be there when that happens.” Or maybe he wants to run the Rocky steps every day. The point is, we don’t know, so lay off him.

And far be it from me to rag on anyone for not going to play with the Rangers. Although the alternative is the Flyers. Now I’m conflicted.