It was one a.m. Thursday morning on the east coast when Darren Dreger dropped this bomb on Twitter, and the rest of the National Hockey League:

Followed by…

Another full-on credible source there in Friedman, so….that happened.

To clarify where Dreger is headed there (he’s in a rush, understandably), the Flyers would owe four 1st round picks if Nashville matched, and Weber still left for Philly. As Friedman also noted on Twitter…

Yes, yes I would.

And as I said last night: “Meanwhile, somewhere, Pekka Rinne just sighed “…well, fuck.”

Chris Lund will be on tomorrow to fully break down the details (I’ll be in Kelowna, BC, at the Hockey Greats Fantasy Camp), but for now: THAT HAPPENED.

I assume Weber will be a Los Angeles King within a couple years? /Holmgren’d


A few tweets worth adding to the mix after the initial “OMG.”

Yikes. That could hurt Nashville. But if they can make it worth, this might hurt more…

Twitter, man. If you’re not using it as a news aggregator already, I gotta believe you’re falling behind.