It was one a.m. Thursday morning on the east coast when Darren Dreger dropped this bomb on Twitter, and the rest of the National Hockey League:

Followed by…

Another full-on credible source there in Friedman, so….that happened.

To clarify where Dreger is headed there (he’s in a rush, understandably), the Flyers would owe four 1st round picks if Nashville matched, and Weber still left for Philly. As Friedman also noted on Twitter…

Yes, yes I would.

And as I said last night: “Meanwhile, somewhere, Pekka Rinne just sighed “…well, fuck.”

Chris Lund will be on tomorrow to fully break down the details (I’ll be in Kelowna, BC, at the Hockey Greats Fantasy Camp), but for now: THAT HAPPENED.

I assume Weber will be a Los Angeles King within a couple years? /Holmgren’d


A few tweets worth adding to the mix after the initial “OMG.”

Yikes. That could hurt Nashville. But if they can make it worth, this might hurt more…

Twitter, man. If you’re not using it as a news aggregator already, I gotta believe you’re falling behind.

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  1. Holy hell. As a Flyers fan I’m psyched about this. I really think the Preds will match though.

    • I’m not so sure…they don’t really seem like a team that can afford much in salaries, and if Weber is going to make 26mil in one year that would seem like it would put Nashville in a pretty poor financial situation.

      I really think it depends on whether it’s 4 first rounders or 2 along with a second and third. If it’s 4, I think they let him go. If it’s 2+, I think they match.

      • They will match and trade (probably to Philly). Philly will likely have to give up more than picks (Couturier + would be the starting point IMO).

        • I don’t really think so. Under the current CBA, players signed to offer sheets can’t be traded until the next off-season. Considering the 26mil is in the first calendar year, Nashville would have to pay 26mil and then trade him…why bother?

        • This isn’t the NBA. Nashville can’t trade him for a year if they match

  2. “I assume Weber will be a Los Angeles King within a couple years? /Holmgren’d” – Weber’s plan all along.

    Well, this makes up for the lack of hockey-related excitement these past few weeks.

  3. Holy crap. Did not see this coming at all.

  4. When a player signs an “offer sheet” with another team does it include all the normal small details included in the contract? For instance, no trade or limited trade option clauses? These things may add or reduce the perceived value of the contract, I would think.

  5. If this happens, does it mean that Pronger is not expected to recover either at all or in the near future? What’s the Prong-nosis (sorry, I couldn’t resist)?

  6. I would totally take the four 1s rounders if I were the Preds. They can’t afford to give 26 million to Weber in one year. Plus what if the CBA comes back and says that the cap hit is how much is paid in that year? Will older contracts be grandfathered in?

  7. the most important thing in this entire thread is the last one – Friedman’s comment about revenue sharing. To me, there is almost no chance that Nashville doesn’t match, because the factors are financial, not strategic. This is a great deal, cap wise. Its a horrible deal, cash wise. So Nashville would have to admit that it simply cannot afford to pay that much cash in the first 6 years to not match.

    But, as far as I remember, Nashville receives revenue sharing $ already. I don’t know how much, but basically a portion of the salary costs are being cost-shifted to the revenue paying teams

    If we believe some of the theories about the NHLPA’s positions in the CBA negotiations, Nashville will likely get *more* revenue sharing $$ in the new CBA. So their owners may be betting on getting even more of those front-loaded cash salary costs back in future years.

    Finally, the NHL has shown more and more willingness to financially support struggling franchises in markets it wants to be in. How many millions are the owners throwing down the drain in Phoenix? Tyler Dellow pretty well established that the NHL supported Dallas ( Not saying it would do it with Nashville, but it might play into the team’s decision-making if the high cash outlays in years 1-6 are really an issue.

    I guess my point is there’s no reason for Nashville not to roll the dice and match. Its a good cap structure. Its not a good cash structure. But the future of the NHL appears to be that the needy teams will be able to cost-shift some of those burdens to the wealthy teams – whether by revenue sharing or NHL loans or otherwise.

    • Revenue sharing is basically the top 10 (wealthiest) teams giving money to the bottom 15. However there are restrictions.

      “For a bottom-15 team to collect a full revenue sharing cheque, it must reach at least 80% capacity in home attendance and show revenue growth that exceeds the league average. Missing either threshold means a cut in the share.”

      They should reach 80% capacity, but there are rumours that teams are hitting this by buying up their own tickets (possibly through third party semi-scalper companies)…if they got caught doing that it would likely cause them to lose out on revenue sharing.

      More importantly, there is no reason to suggest that Nashville will show revenue growth. Where are they going to find extra revenue while icing what seems likely to be a weaker team?

      • “More importantly, there is no reason to suggest that Nashville will show revenue growth. Where are they going to find extra revenue while icing what seems likely to be a weaker team?”

        That’s almost my point. If they don’t match, they add to their misery and make their revenue problems worse. I dont know hoe many tickets Shea Weber sells – but I am willing to bet that losing him will mean *less* tickets sold.

        So, in my view, rather than make things worse – match, pay him the the $13M, and pray for a better revenue sharing system and NHL support to prop the team up in the short-term. The only thing they really need to worry about., in my view, is that initial $13M.

  8. You could put Weber AND Pronger on the blueline together and that goaltending will still kill Philly!

  9. Can someone explain how these deals are suddenly showing up with massive up front bonuses? I dont remember hearing about stuff like this in seasons past. Sounds to me like Philly didn’t care for Nashville’s demands in regards to trading for Webber and decided to just throw out an offer sheet with cash terms that it was convinced Nashville could not match.

    But really, 26mil in the first year? wtf is that shit?

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