"Golf is easy. Hockey is hard."

Apparently, at a charity golf tournament yesterday, our old pal Scott Gomez (remember him?) nailed a hole-in-one and won a $50,000 SUV.

Here’s the fun part, he won the prize at his own tournament. I’d call collusion but I won’t because that doesn’t make any sense. The unfortunate part is this obviously opens up the opportunity for people like me to make jokes about Scott Gomez not scoring a goal for an entire year and then hitting a hole-in-one and jokes like “maybe he should quit his day job, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk,” and “well the Canadiens have had plenty of time to work on their golf games”. But that would be ridiculous. I mean, what kind of low-rate hockey writer would even call attention to a story like this? I’d say that I’m well above that. (Except the Habs joke. I am absolutely not above making Habs jokes.)

Also, Joey Crabb was there.

I really just wanted an excuse to mention Joey Crabb.

I miss you, Joey Crabb.