This probably had something to do with it.

So, crazy story. The Pittsburgh Penguins have fired their entire medical staff. Ostensibly because of their treatment of some guy named Sidney Crosby and a problem with his head (I haven’t heard anything about this), the team announced today that they’d be sharing the blame equally.

Okay, that’s not really fair and I just felt like being snarky cause that’s kind of what I do. The Penguins are saying that the firings had nothing to do with the treatment of Crosby and it’s being reported that Crosby and his team of advisers have said they had nothing to do with anything that went down today.

Among those let go was Dr. Charles Burke, a neurosurgeon who had been with the Penguins organization since 1983, which only shows the power and influence that Crosby may have (which should not be surprising).

While I think I tend to believe (boy, I’m really taking a stand here) Crosby and the Penguins when they say that there was not a direct move to get rid of Burke and the rest of the staff but looking at the realities of Crosby’s injury, and more importantly the fact he was cleared to play to only injure himself more severely, you can kind of start to put two and two together.

I think it’s important to note that Crosby never spoke ill of the medical staff, at least publicly, but at the end of the day his career (and his health) were severely at risk in the last couple of seasons. The medical staff may not be totally to blame but they have to shoulder some of the responsibility. In two separate instances, Crosby was cleared to play just four days after a hit to the head which was followed by a missed diagnosis (though not a misdiagnosis) of a neck injury the following season. This simply has to speak to something resembling, if not incompetence, at least carelessness.

The staff may not be directly responsible, but blame needs to be placed somewhere. And if a situation comes down to a medical staff versus a once-in-a-lifetime superstar, how well do you think that’s going to work out for the doctors?

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad to see that the Pittsburgh Penguins deal with failure in the same manner as Aaron Sorkin. Hopefully this ends in Ray Shero berating Crosby for not doing enough to combat the apathy that has saturated our culture so. All-in-all, rough day to be a staff.

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  1. Interesting…I remember Tambellini firing his entire medical staff as well a few years back. It was after Souray came out public about being rushed back into the lineup too soon. A few other Oilers have complained about being brought back too early, but then again, perhaps it was Lowe and Tambellini ‘advising’ the medical staff to give the green light so the fans can see their well paid players play…anyone else remember this?

  2. It also has to do with UPMC’s insatiable need to own and/or control everything in Pittsburgh, cradle to grave, including the Steelers, the Pittsburgh ballet, and now the Pens. It was inevitable.

    • I dunno, I think UPMC had their hooks into the Pens pretty effectively already. Still, watch for a change in the logo – when it starts having “UPMC” in there somewhere, I’m finding a new hockey team.

      (UPMC is like some kind of mold that’s slowly eating the entire city.)

  3. Whats the difference between a missed diagnosis and a misdiagnosis?

    You either diagnose correctly or you don’t.

    • I meant they literally missed the diagnosis. As in, they didn’t diagnose the problem and doctors outside the organization had to find the problem.

    • The concussion was diagnosed. The neck injury went undiagnosed for a year. Treating the neck injury (which was suggested by external doctors), is what got him back in the lineup.

  4. Bizzarre take Goldsbie.
    -They mis-diagnosed his injuries for more than a year, while treating him to experimental concussion treatment.
    -They sent him back prematurely more than once ….I guess your quick rant wasn’t able to capture a lot of facts though.
    -Anyone who thought he was okay after the Steckel hit is a retard.
    -The one doctor worked, obviously without a lot of success, on Lemiuex’s chronic back injury…

    They are deeply seriously incompetent and are lucky not to be sued.
    I think your Maple Leaf is showing.

    • I don’t think I was insinuating that the doctors were in the right or did right by Crosby. If that’s how it came off, it wasn’t my intention. Reading it over, I kind of worded it weird and can see how it could be construed as saying the doctors were being scapegoated. This isn’t what I meant to say, I was just trying to say that if you screw around with the health of someone of Crosby’s stature, you’re probably not going to have a job for very long.

      And my Maple Leaf is always showing. I’ve tried to get it removed but I think it’s terminal.

      • Gotcha. I was just surprised by the tone because I’ve been waiting for this to happen.
        See what you mean though.
        Condolences on the Leaf.

  5. I agree that the med staff had to go, but question the insinuation that it was Crosby that forced the issue. They were incompetent. Would you continue to or have a member of your family continue to be treated by an incompetent doc.? A little Crosby jab leaking out here.

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