"Wait...you said the Islanders? Oh. Yeah, no."

So this is…something I’ve never actually seen before (this doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened, it just means that my limited scope of the world hasn’t encountered it). So, remember about a month back when the man with all the accents (vowels?), Ľubomír Višňovský, was traded to the Islanders? Yeah, turns out that he’s not big on that idea.

On the surface, there’s nothing particularly thrilling about this news. Players use their no trade clauses to block trades all the time, blah blah boring. Here’s the thing though, Višňovský got traded a full month ago (ok, technically a month and a day ago) and didn’t say a word until now, which is odd. Did he not hear the news until this morning? Oh yeah, also this.

So not only did he wait a month to invoke it, but he technically waited 2 years. Okay, I know that’s not technically true. But it kind of is. Yeah. Think about it.

As it stands, if Višňovský wins in arbitration, he goes back to the Ducks and, one would assume, the 2013 draft pick the Islanders sent in return would once again become their property. The whole thing is kind of a clusterfuck and I find it incredibly amusing. What it does show is that, other than John Tavares and Matt Moulson, nobody wants to play for the Islanders. I’m sure we all remember the whole Evgeni Nabokov situation from a couple years back. You know, the one where he flat out refused to play for the Islanders to which they, rightly, suspended him for the remainder of the season? Nabokov, of course, would end up playing for the Islanders last season because I guess it’s better than not playing but, yeesh, the Islanders seem to have a problem. It’s not that they’re bad (they are, though) it’s that nobody wants to play for them.

The New York Islanders are the Toronto Raptors of the NHL. That does not bode well for them going forward.