(Pic from Puck Daddy)

I imagine Darryl Sutter’s typical morning starts with him pouring a sizable bowl of Ambien, adding fresh milk, and digging in with a big ol’ spoon. The man’s heart rate doesn’t seem like it ever gets above 60.

So, what did he choose to do with the Stanley Cup on his big day with it? Take it drag car racing? Take it skydiving?

Yeah, no. He took it to the farm, sat it on some hay, and played a fiddle, which is exactly what I would have predicted if I were trying to be funny.

But hey, to each their own.

TRY TO CONTAIN YOUR EXCITEMENT: here’s Darryl Sutter’s day with the Cup.

I mean, that was the most fantastically Darryl Sutter video of all-time, right? BUT WAIT – there’s more.