It’s always cool when a talented player leaves Columbus and makes the NHL.

…Okay, that wasn’t very fair, but I’m making a point here: when high quality players suit up for small-market teams, we don’t get to see a whole lot of them. It’s the same with guys like Eric Staal in Carolina, or even John Tavares on my New York Islanders – their games aren’t often nationally televised, so we don’t get to see much of their actual game play.

With Rick Nash coming to the Rangers, most of who used to see him a couple times a year are about to walk into some level of over-exposure, so, let’s get to know the guy – first, his top-10 NHL goals (make sure you stick around for number one and see if the goal call rings a bell), followed by an interview that explains why he wears #61, his style of play, and more.

Thankfully his play can occasionally be exciting, because as you’ll see below, he’s not exactly a thrill a minute on the mic.

The interview: