Says "81" (the year) on the other side, has Dad's "14" below the Isles logo, pic of the Cup on other side.

The picture at the top of this post is of the Stanley Cup ring my Dad won in 1980-1981 as a part of the New York Islanders. It was their second Cup victory in the midst of their dynasty – each year they won, a diamond was added to the next ring (my brother was given the first one, meaning mine has more diamonds. Yesssss).

Something not a lot of people know – and I’ll be honest, I have no clue if teams still do this today or not – is that the wives were also given a piece of jewelry each time the Islanders won the Cup. Pretty classy move by the team there.

I had known this, but hadn’t actually seen my mom’s collection before, so when I went home this past week I asked her to pull the stuff out.

There is one gap, however – neither my mom, nor mother-in-law Pam Gillies can remember what they were given in year two. A message has been sent out to Michelle Nystrom for confirmation, so in the meantime, here are the three gifts Islanders’ wives were given when the team won.

’79-80: Islanders defeat the Philadelphia Flyers 4-2

The Pendant

The first year the wives were given this pendant, which is pretty cool, but I really can’t imagine anyone strapping it to a chain and wearing it around.

What’s really cool about this piece is that it’s exactly the same as the face of the first ring the players were given.

’80-’81: Islanders beat the Minnesota North Stars 4-1

This is the year everyone got wasted and lost their gifts, apparently. Or, they just weren’t given one.

’81-’82: Islanders beat the Vancouver Canucks 4-0

The Ring

The Islanders went a little bit more feminine with this one. Like the pendant, the ring is made to look like the player’s – this particular one, number there, is pretty widely viewed as the nicest, most wearable of the four rings.

Admittedly, my cellphone photography isn’t exactly great, but the ring is extremely detailed and well-diamonded-up.

’83-’84: Islanders beat the Edmonton Oilers 4-0

The Bracelet

You’ll be shocked to hear this, but the bracelet has the same face as the players’ rings. Fourth Cup, four stones.

My male assessment: this is pretty fantastic looking bracelet . Much like the pendant, I can’t see the ladies using them to accessorize outfits in 2012, but it’s still a pretty special piece of jewelry to keep in the safety deposit box and pass down.


Does anyone know if wives are still given gifts from the organization when their team wins the Stanley Cup? I’d love to see what they get now.



The Bruins’ wives got necklaces in 2011 – not a huge fan personally, but I bet they’re worth juuust a bit more than the ones shown above.

(Stick-tap to @Jeffisrael25 for the head’s up)

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  1. Women be shoppin’

  2. Who pays for these (and the mens rings)? Is it the team, the players, or the league?

    And what other kinds of “bonuses” do the men get for winning? ie. cash?

  3. The Bruins ones were immediately taken apart, melted and made into something that doesn’t look so gangsta

  4. Re. your question…I don’t have a pic but I’m good friends with the wife of the the head trainer of the Hurricanes and she has a Cup ring from 2006. I thought that was pretty cool when she told me.

  5. “I can’t see the ladies using them to accessorize outfits in 2012″
    I beg to differ. I’d wear the hell out of that bracelet if not for the $$$ factor. (A replica in gold-plate and zirconia, though…)

  6. It was very generous of the Islanders to include the wives and these special pieces are indeed cherished. Such special memories and times with amazing people! Glad to share the pics

  7. But does it spin?

  8. The Hawk’s wives got necklaces too, I believe there are pictures floating around the internet somewhere.

  9. Initially Tim Thomas turned down his Cup Ring because he was afraid there were listening devices implanted in it, but once he realized it was made of gold he took it and had it melted down and added to the gold stockpile he keeps in the backyard bunker.

  10. You got the wrong photo, JB – that pendant is the one Boston gave to its rappers.

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