If you’re the type of person who reads hockey blogs in late July, you’re likely the type of person who’s also aware of Sean McIndoe AKA “Down Goes Brown.” Sean is what we in the writing business call “hilarious,” which you can see for yourself on his website, downgoesbrown.com, or on The National Post’s site, or Grantland.com, or on some random off-beat blog called Backhand Shelf.

What you may not know, is that his online identity stems from the fight below, in which Sylvain Lefebvre liberally applies his fist to Rob Brown’s jaw:

Ouch. (Longer version of the fight here.)

Brown was at our family’s “Hockey Greats Fantasy Camp” over the weekend – which is run by my father and brother to build accessible housing for disabled adults, as a quick plug – and I got to know him a little bit. Like Sean, he’s all kinds of hilarious.

For a guy who scored 50 goals in an NHL season (or “49, more accurately” as he repeatedly corrected people this weekend), you just can’t believe how down to earth the man is (his NHL stats are very, very good. But holy hell, note the IHL ones, which was once on par with the AHL. Junior ones are insane too).

I had to ask him if he’s aware of our friend “Down Goes Brown,” and about the fight in general, so I took the opportunity before dinner at one of the camp’s events.

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  1. Lefebvre gets an upper cut…DOWN GOES BROWN! DOWN GOES BROWN!!!… And Lefebvre leaves him there.

    Nice to see he has a sense of humour about it.

  2. Yeah, he seems to about everything – I’m a big fan of his.

  3. I had the pleasure of working with Brownie when he played with the Phoenix Roadrunners, and you’re right…there’s no better place to be than having a beer with Rob Brown. He’s got a million stories and they’re all hilarious. Good stuff.

  4. Love that I now know the origin of DGB! Lotta great guys in and around hockey.

  5. Wow, been enjoying DGB for quite some time and had no idea it was all because of that fight!

    I remember watching Brown when he played on those powerhouse Kamloops Blazers teams (WHL) because they always came to Spokane and won every game, or at least it seemed like it. Got to meet him once and he was a really quiet/nice guy, definitely different persona than he had on the ice.

  6. Oh okay. So because it was a Leafs player that knocked him down and a Leafs broadcaster with the call, it’s somehow one of the most memorable hockey fights ever and deserves a blog and interview more than 20 years later? It’s not as if there haven’t been hundreds, if not thousands, of other KO fights in the NHL.

    Great job on trying to surpass TSN (aka. Toronto Sports Network) as the most Toronto-biased national sports network in Canada.

    • Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning, sunshine? Maybe it’s one of Sean’s first introductions into hockey? Or one of his most memorable moments? Or maybe he’s just a Leafs fan who loves a moment when they were on top? He is a LEAFS FAN. Any normal blogger who writes about HIS FAVORITE TEAM would most likely name it after a SPECIAL MOMENT for HIS TEAM. How about you stop being a critic and start being quiet.

      • I was referring to this blog (Backhand Shelf) feeling the need to reference it and write an entire blog about it and the fight that created it when no one outside Toronto cares. Then again, I’m sure you and everyone else in the most arrogant city in the world doesn’t care that Canada doesn’t revolve around your city. You’ll just keep acting like it does.

        • Ease up, dude. I’m from Dallas, hardcore Stars fan, and been a fan of DGB for several years now. ( Some of his bits are now a part of hockey lore.) I liked getting filled in on the back story. But then I enjoy reading a wide variety of NHL blogs. Silly me.

        • God, how hard must it be for you to go through life with such a crippling case of small man syndrome. Sorry that Toronto is an important city in Canada and the world no matter how much you kick and scream about it, that a popular Leafs blog references a Leafs’ fight, that a Leafs’ broadcaster got excited at a KO, and that Bourne felt the need to share a funny story from his summer.

          Unclench that sphincter jabroni.

          • Well, to be fair, I actually don’t mind reading the Down Goes Brown blog. It’s certainly a lot better than crappy Pension Plan Puppets blog, which I never read. ;)

          • Also, to that terrible PPP blog, Toronto isn’t that important of a city in Canada. You might think it is, ink it is, but in reality it’s no more or less important than Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, etc. and it’s certainly not an important city at all on the world stage. It’s funny that you Torontonians think it is, though. Have fun going through life with your falsely inflated view of self-importance while the rest of the country laughs at you and your terrible sports teams.

        • I’ll ask…..


          Where do YOU hail from?

  7. Well, to be fair, I actually don’t mind reading the Down Goes Brown blog. It’s certainly a lot better than crappy Pension Plan Puppets blog, which I never read. ;)

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