If you’re the type of person who reads hockey blogs in late July, you’re likely the type of person who’s also aware of Sean McIndoe AKA “Down Goes Brown.” Sean is what we in the writing business call “hilarious,” which you can see for yourself on his website, downgoesbrown.com, or on The National Post’s site, or Grantland.com, or on some random off-beat blog called Backhand Shelf.

What you may not know, is that his online identity stems from the fight below, in which Sylvain Lefebvre liberally applies his fist to Rob Brown’s jaw:

Ouch. (Longer version of the fight here.)

Brown was at our family’s “Hockey Greats Fantasy Camp” over the weekend – which is run by my father and brother to build accessible housing for disabled adults, as a quick plug – and I got to know him a little bit. Like Sean, he’s all kinds of hilarious.

For a guy who scored 50 goals in an NHL season (or “49, more accurately” as he repeatedly corrected people this weekend), you just can’t believe how down to earth the man is (his NHL stats are very, very good. But holy hell, note the IHL ones, which was once on par with the AHL. Junior ones are insane too).

I had to ask him if he’s aware of our friend “Down Goes Brown,” and about the fight in general, so I took the opportunity before dinner at one of the camp’s events.