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Scott Howson has taken some abuse from, oh, I dunno, people like myself over the past year, largely because he seems hell-bent on keeping the Blue Jackets in the NHL’s basement.

One of the latest questions people have been asking is “Why did it take so long to get the Rick Nash deal done if the return he settled for can only be politely described as ‘underwhelming?’”

Well, turns out it’s because he was taking crazy pills this summer, and asking for crazy things. Those pills will do that to you.

Who knows what he was requesting from other teams, but today Chip Alexander of Canes Now mentioned what he wanted Jim Rutherford to part with to acquire the 7.8 million dollar man, Rick Nash:

The Canes pursued free agent Zach Parise and offered up a trade package for Rick Nash, but fell short on Parise (signed by the Minnesota Wild) and bowed out on the Nash bidding (the Blue Jackets apparently were asking for Jeff Skinner and another top-nine player; Zac Dalpe and another prospect and two first-round draft picks).

Oh, just Skinner, another top-9 guy, their prized-prospect Dalpe, another prospect and two firsts? I can imagine how that phone call went.

…and a first round draft pick! No, wait. TWO firsts! And…and and…a DJ Roomba! And…um…hello? …Hello Jim, you still there?” /dial tone, hangs up. “Welp, no harm in asking!” /Rutherford changes cell number.

You know it’s getting bad when you start genuinely feeling bad for the guy. I’m officially there.

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  1. Rutherford: decent package
    Howson: I want the world!

    Holland: decent package
    Howson: You’re my archrival! No! Damn you to Hell!

    Holmgren: exploratory call
    Howson: I want the world!

    Ottawa: decent package
    Howson: I want the world!

    Sather: Here’s junk
    Howson: I want the world!
    Sather: How about junk
    Howson: Nobody else will talk to me, so SOLD!

    Someone needs to tell Howson scaring off suitors is not the way to maximize return. Remember what Shero did when he didn’t like Rutherford’s Staal offer? Scared him to death by negotiating a deal in principle with the one other team that has a Staal on its roster, who, incidentally, is a hated rival of Shero’s team.

    • To be fair, he didn’t reject the offer from Ottawa, Rick Nash did.

    • He got more then Boston did for Thorton, more then the Jets got for Teemu (I still cry over that one) and about as much (minus the cash) as the Oilers got for friken Gretzky. Those are all examples of horrible trades I’ll admit, but given the history of trades of such a nature he received a pretty good package.

  2. Not a fair comparison. Everyone’s trades look like crap when compared to Shero’s.

  3. “he seems hell-bent on keeping the Blue Jackets in the NHL’s basement.”

    Which is exactly what he can only have meant to do last year when he went ‘fourth time’s a charm’ on Mason. What a dick. The other moves were alright. They actually grinded a lot of games to a 3-2 loss, but man, you’re a bad team AND you’re gonna keep trying to ride an awful tender? (hello Toronto)…..this actually makes me mad.

  4. I’m pretty sure those were two different trade requests. Meaning he asked for either 1) Skinner and a top-9 forward OR 2) Dalpe, a top prospect, and two 1sts

  5. People keep forgetting that Howson’s hands were horribly tied in this situation. He was basically dealing with 4 or 5 teams that Nash was going to approve to be traded and EVERYBODY knew who they were. Why not ask for the moon and hope that one GM panics and takes the bait? There was no chance of a fair return, because much like the Gretzky situation, the Rangers knew it was eventually going to come down to them and maybe one or two more teams and they called the bluff. Sather was on the other side before when Gretzky said he wanted the trade to LA. The Kings didn’t offer a lot because they simply didn’t have to and the Oilers had no choice to accept. The same way this ended up for Howson.

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