In an interview with Kevin Anderson of the Timmins Press, Claude Giroux made mention of the fact that he had surgery on both his wrists this summer, thanks in no small part to his sworn nemesis on the Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby.

Actually, he seems to think Crosby played a rather large role in pushing him under the knife. In referring to the new scars on his wrists, Giroux had this to say:

“Those are from (Sidney) Crosby,” he says half smiling, but with some tension in his voice. “Every time we’d line up against each other for a face-off during our (2012 playoff) series, instead of going for the puck when it was dropped, he’d hack me across the wrists. I ended up playing the series against (New) Jersey with one of them fractured and had to go for surgery on both of them after we were out of the playoffs.”


While the tape does exists, and I’d need to watch to confirm this (it seems unlikely that Crosby opted to “not go for the puck” on every draw against him), this definitely happens here and there. Guys get so low, wrists are exposed, and when tempers flare up it’s bound to happen.

That, and it’s one of the few legal, physical, stationary battles you have in a hockey game, so you can really aim those chops. And with the scrambling confrontations basically looking like cartoon fight-clouds to refs – you know, the ones where the odd limb comes flying out of here and there, maybe a shoe or two – and the equation is perfect for wrist-fracturing.

First we had Crosby-Ovy, and now we have Crosby-Giroux. Gotta love that Sid likes to mix it up. Good Canadian boy playing the right way, eh Ellen? Shows he cares.

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  1. I find it funny that at the time of his surgery he was pointing back to his junior career and stating that he has had issues with his wrists for a while, just wanted to wait to the end of the season to get them fixed. Why bring up this idea 3-4 months later?

  2. Giroux and the whole Flyers organization are a bunch of D@$#bags goons who cause more injuries then they receive. What a joke.!

    • He may be a douche, but he’s going to be right on Crosby’s heels for a long time as one of the top Canadian players we have.

      • I like Giroux, but his numbers do not compare favorably to Crosby’s, and granted no one’s really do.

        Last season was Giroux’s fourth season in the NHl, he put up 93 points in 77 games playing alongside some rather decent wingers.
        In Crosby’s fourth season he put up 103 points in 77 games with putrid wingers until Kunitz and Guerin came in at the deadline.

        Last year Giroux had an On Ice Corsi of 7.1, Crosby had a ridiculous 21.68.

        • In a nutshell, the Corsi Number is the shot differential while a player was on the ice. This includes not just goals and shots on goal, but also shots that miss the net, and in some formulations, blocked shots. In other words, it’s the differential in the total number of shots directed at the net.

          This is a measure of team play rather than individual effort. IMHO Crosby is a better player than Giroux but the Corsi number is not a good argument for that.

  3. so get smart and move your wrists…

  4. With the history of concussions problems Crosby has had, you never ehard him complaining too much, Giroux is being a baby

  5. Perhaps his wrist injuries are from the excessive wanking and yanking that management expects from you if you’re a Flyer. “Wanker” is the operative term, here.

  6. Wouldn’t be too surprised if this was even half true. Considering Crosby said himself in an interview after the game where him and Giroux had their fight “I just don’t like him.”

    • Hilariously, that was Voracek Crosby was talking about with the “I don’t like him” business, not Giroux.

      Think about how intense you’d need to be for your blood to boil over over the fact that Jacob Voracek exists and is on the other team.

      • Went and looked the vid. Turns out were both kinda wrong. He doesn’t like anyone on the Flyers team lol.

  7. I’ve read someone say re: faceoffs that ‘if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying’, so I would not be surprised…

  8. Lies, all lies. His wrists could not take the douchebaggery of him firing the tee-shirt cannon at the Nickleback concert and broke in protest.

  9. crosby fans remind me of justin beber fans to blind to realize that he’s a little bitch. yes when he keeps his temper in check and just plays he is the best player in the game today sorry datsyuk it hurts me to say it but he is how ever it’s when he gets the special attention from the opposing team that every other star player in the leage gets this is when sidney turns from superstar hockey player into a sookey little school girl and has to start with the stick work. there’s a big difference between playing tough and playing dirty and sid does a little more of the latter and it’s starting to make him look bad to a lot of people. he needs to put his lipstick back in his purse and leave it on the bench when he steps on the ice and do one thing….. just play the game the way he can and leave the cheep shots to guys like avery…. that is if he’s even still in the leage

    • funny how everyone refers to Crosby about being a crybaby when its Giroux who is whining to the media MONTHS after the season has ended….grow a pair Claude

      • I don’t even know if I’d consider this whining.. if someone were to ask me a question about scars on my wrists you’re freaking right I’m going to take a jab at someone I don’t like. It’s not like he called a press conference to say it.. then it’s whining.. haha.

      • It’s way worse than whining, because it’s WANKING. WANKER.

    • Lets put it this way, there are few teams in the League that play a dirtier game than the Flyers and Bruins, so if a player like Crosby had to defend himself against these dirty tactics then good for him. Super stars have to protect themselve and let these dirty hockey players know that they are not going to get away with the cheap shots without taking a few back themselves. Gordie Howe was the best at it, and seldom did many cheap shot artist get away with it when Gordie played. The Rocket was the same although not as physical as Gordie he was more emotional and was not about to give you a cheaper shot back just to prove a point. It you look at all the super stars who could play with a physical presence they all gave it to anyone who they received it from. Gretzky was one of the few who didn’t but then again he had Semenko.

    • Even if you’re right, and I’m not saying you are, what’s with the gendered insults? That’s how you insult Sid, you call him a girl? Nice.

      • As a female fan of the sport, thank you. I love ice hockey – no other game comes close for sheer adrenaline. And it’s depressing how often people do that. They wouldn’t use racial slurs, so why gender ones?

      • Same with the Sedins. I mean c’man

  10. and now I blame Giroux for my headache.

  11. Poor baby, maybe he should try taking up something gentler, such as knitting.

  12. Should have listened to “Uncle Grapes” and bought old-fashioned gloves which actually protect the wrist. They are longer.

  13. Cindy crosby got crushed by Giroux and he retaliated exactly how everyone expects. Like a sissy who cant, and never will, defend himself like a man. Instead he acted like a child to the point it was laughable. The penguins got outplayed, and out huslted in the playoffs. And, last I checked Giroux is a Canadian.

  14. Love how the Cindy preservation society is working right through summer 2012!
    You are all complete jokes if you think titny crosby isn’t one of the filthy players in the game today. He gets away with murder because everyone loves to taste his pecker but realistically he slashes while Giroux throws clean body checks. Case closed, Giroux plays the game properly, Cindy plays like an 8 year old throwing a temper tantrum.

    • Remind me which of these players was suspended over a dirty little temper-tantrum following a missed icing call, again?

      • The one that Shanzy and Campbell don’t give a complete pass on all filthy undertakings, including missing blatant attempts at and succesfully landed head shots in the Flyers series. It would be the one who was suspended for hitting a guy (zubrus) a half foot taller than him who clearly had his head way down on a hit he coasted into with his feet on the ice. The NHL is far from competent when dealing with suspendable offences, don’t try to use Shanzy’s flawed judgement as support for your biased opinion.

  15. @ Derrick: No one would notice dirty playing by anyone, on any team, that’s playing against the dirtiest team in the league. How come other players can give Crosby all the cheap shots they like, but if he retaliates, he’s a dirty player? And how come most of the people that run down Crosby talk filthy about him, don’t know if you are just jealous or if you secretly have a “man-crush” on him, or maybe both?
    And please don’t remind me that Giroux is a Canadian, that’s hard to believe (or accept) -no insult to anyone else, but it’s just that it’s the first Canadian I’ve heard whining about getting abused so badly in the face-off circle, over and over again, that they had to get both, mind you, both wrists, operated on from the damge in one series, and then it took him a few months to remember (uh, change his story) on what caused the terrible damage. I agree with whoever it was that suggested a career change, knitting sounds very appropo for Giroux! Believe me, we wouldn’t miss his cheap shots and dirty hits, (and barefaced lies!

  16. @Barb first of all doesn’t running him down and talking filthy about him kinda go hand and hand i mean i’m not going to run him down by saying how great he is and how i loved his latest commerical and jealous??? quite the opposite i play the game i love the game and i respect crosby’s talent a great deal after all i already said that i think he’s the best player in the world today but i guess you were to busy plotting your own words of wisdom in an effort to show who truly has the crush on sidney and to answer your question the leage has many dirty players what makes them dirty players is that they can’t keep their emotions in check which leads to them doing stupid cheep or dirty things sidney crosby is one of these players that’s not my fault so don’t get mad at me get mad at 87 further more stamkos, datsyuk, the sedin twins all of these players and many more superstars get the same cheep shots crosby gets but you never seem to hear about them being dirty players do you??? funny how that is

  17. Maybe tennis would be more Giroux’s game?
    Why are the Flyers players always whinning about somebody on another team being the reason something went wrong for them?
    Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

  18. Wow. Love the arguments. Maybe both are/have been/will continue being superstar, polarizing athletes who excel at their sport in skill, but have the typical sports star egos, hate each other with passion, and whine continuously. Let me clarify this; THEY BOTH WHINE. That being said, Crosby still has the better stats despite a horrible, overall team performances, and a wonderful/lucky one on the part of the Flyers.

    Now, last season is done. Stop bitching and get to training.

  19. WOW! Of the 32 posts previous to mine, I think I counted a mere 3 obvious “hate Crosby” comments. Very unusual for todays typical hockey fans. Even the author questions Giroux and writes not a word that stinks of Crosby hate. The 3 that did were of the usual immature and moronic name calling and stupid statements that make no sense at all but to run down the young man who is without a doubt the best in the game today, the face of the N.H.L. and an overall hockey player with intelligence and incredible public presence. Sidney Crosby (not Cindy, crybaby, whiner, bitch, etc., etc.) is a polite and mannerful human being who at a tender age has accomplished more than all of us put together will ever accomplish in our lives. He plays hockey with intensity and the game as the league, rules and officiating permit in the game today. He makes more money from endorsements than he does from his contract folks. Does that register? Gretzky got booed as well don’t forget. A true fan of the game of hockey regardless of which ever team they favour recognizes these things. Where ever the stars play, the fans will be entertained by the best. Instead of being booed they should get a standing ovation when they step onto the ice and should not have to be subjected to nasty, ugly signs and drunken ignorant shouts. There are many children that go to games with their parents to see their heros fools, and those children who listen to and see all that crap have more brains than many so-called adult, so-called fans. I admit that I’m not smart enough to figure out why this happens so much. It has to be deeper than just jealousy and anger. There should be no place for it in the arenas. Perhaps it’s the lack of RESPECT! Today RESPECT is missing from the fans, the players to eachother and society as a whole. A little RESPECT would go a long way. It may even make us all feel good about ourselves too.

  20. there is no way anyone can campare crosby to giroux. giroux is one of the best players in the league and one that we will ever see so anyone who is calling giroux a douche bag shut up and look at the guy you all defend. crosby is one of the biggest tools in the world. crosby sucks and thats all there is to it. i was glad when giroux kicked crosbys ass in the playoffs. thats all i have to say.

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