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I came across the picture on Reddit Hockey last night, and needless to say…mind: blown. There’s doppelgangers, then there’s this situation.

I don’t know who he is, or what country he plays badminton for, but I do know that this guy is related to the guys above, somehow, some way. I mean…right?



UPDATE: The more you know, etc, etc….

Yup. That’s the only clear answer.

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  1. If he chokes in the gold medal round, then they are triplets for sure.

  2. His name is Henri Hurskainen, It seems he has even more in common with the Sedins judging by his club teams name. Lillerod.

  3. Does he dive? If so, he might be a Sedin.

  4. http://www.london2012.com/athlete/hurskainen-henri-1018044/

    he is left handed… but 6 years younger

  5. gingers all look the same

  6. All gingers look alike.

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