In 2012, Dustin Brown was the captain of the Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings. In 2012, Dustin Brown and his family also really needed milk. Unfortunately, some days on the calendar overlapped.

Here’s an image of Dustin Brown (bottom of the post), buying what appears to be a mere three gallons of milk (and nothing else), and oh, he brought something with him to the store.

This is the ultimate show of power from his wife. 

“We need milk, will you please go to the store and buy some.”

“Honey, it’s my one day with the Stanley Cup.”

“I didn’t say you had to leave it.” 


For some reason, this is the least surprising image ever. Pretty sure if I had to predict what Dustin Brown did with the Stanley Cup during his day I’d have said “I dunno. Go buy some milk with it or something.”

(Image via Reddit Hockey)

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  1. Is that a Wegmans? All he needs to do now is put an “Ithaca is Gorges” shirt on the Cup and I’ll pass out.

  2. Looks like he has something (a bag of chips perhaps?) in the cup.

  3. Someone should point out to the store employees that they missed the final 13th (red) stripe in the cola homage to the American Flag. How un-American – tsk tsk.

    … or maybe all that missing Coke it is in the shopping cart behind Dustin?

  4. This photos better. I guess, Light beer, pfft!

  5. Looks like there may be a produce or bakery bag in the cup itself. Milk and donuts, maybe?

  6. This shot looks like it’s being taken for the front page of a campaign mailer to name him captain of the 2014 Olympic team.

    (… which, you know, is probably going to happen anyway, but it’s still funny.)

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