It’s official: assuming there’s an NHL season (god I hate writing that. Why did I write that?), Daniel Alfredsson will return to the Ottawa Senators for his 17th career season.

From the Sens’ website:

“I’m excited to get ready for another season,” the 39-year-old Alfredsson said from his hometown of Goteborg, Sweden, where he’s spent more than a month vacationing with his family. “I’ve been training for about a month and a half and my body feels a lot further ahead of where it was last year at this point. I expect to come into camp fitter and stronger than I did last year.”

“I spoke to my family (about the decision to return) and we are all on the same page,” said Alfredsson. “If I am motivated to continue to play, then they will be supportive of me playing. It really came down to asking if I had the motivation to come back and be happy about the decision to return. I definitely feel that way and know that I am ready and have more in the tank to give.”

This is great news for the Senators, who greatly exceeded the expectations of most last season (mine, at the very least), making playoffs, pushing the Rangers to seven games, and even producing a Norris winner.

Alfredsson’s return not only bolsters a line-up that can use his offense, but it also speaks to the potential he feels this team has. If a couple of their young prospects can meet expectations, this is a group that could actually improve on last season

When he was contemplating his playing status, our video team put together the below video “Alfie Rises.” And now that he’s risen, it’s even more fun to watch.