Awhile back a twitter conversation took place about hockey dreams, I believe kicked off by our own Ellen Etchingham. Apparently, a number of hockey players (at all levels) have a recurring dream where they can’t successfully get all their gear on to play in the game. Another person said they constantly dream about missing one crucial piece of equipment that stops them from playing.

Both sound like cases of wanting to play, but being unable to. Well, for some people, that’s not such a bad thing.

When you play hockey for a living, naturally, you dream about it. During my playing days, the majority of mine were based on or around an ice surface. That sounds great, except for one thing: scoring in a dream sucks when your stats matter.

As an offensive player, the most important thing to my livelihood were goals, assists, points. You get so few chances to convert over the course of your 20 minutes on the ice, and even fewer where you succeed, that you hate to have those taken away from you.

And that’s what would happen to me – backdoor tap-in, boom. Clean breakaway, five-hole. Slapper through a screen, done. Hey, empty-netter, what a great bonus! Up to 18 goals on the year!

And then I’d wake up and be back to 14. “God dammit, now I’ve gotta do all that work over again.”

I thought it was interesting that so many people – and not just people playing the game for a living – had recurring hockey dreams. So, since it’s summer, I thought I’d be good to hear from you: are you one of these sick obsessives that regularly dreams hockey?

If so, tell us about them in the comments. Let’s have a chat.