Coyotes gave this to Doan when he hit the milestone.

To be clear, the post I wrote previous to this one on why Doan should leave is my real opinion on the matter. He should skip town.

But I did get a few responses which brought up a some decent counterpoints (particularly @MichelaRicci‘s) that I agree make the decision a lot more difficult than it appears to dudes like me.

Off-Ice Factors

Recently we saw Zach Parise leave New Jersey for Minnesota, which is where he’s originally from, and still considers home. He had the same opportunities Doan has – pick your team, you’re getting paid either way – and chose Minneapolis because that’s where he wants to set down roots. Platinum-encrusted, gold-plated roots.

Well, Shane Doan has his roots down about 20 miles here, and they’re gonna need a sizeable excavator to dig them up.

Below is a video that shows Doan’s “Ice Barns,” where he’s set up quite the operation in the desert:

Wouldn’t exactly be the same coming home to an apartment in New York City, I’m guessing.

Doan’s an Albertan-born cowboy at heart, and as he says in the video, it’s nice to be able to get up on a horse and just ride, and forget about the troubles of the day (like who to accept many million dollars from). If lifestyle is important to him, well, he’s got exactly what he wants here.

Cup Hopes

Another point I made is that the Coyotes aren’t contenders for the Stanley Cup. On the other hand, the Los Angeles Kings snuck into playoffs as an 8-seed and won it all this season, and with the insane amount of parity in the NHL, anyone can win. If you think the Coyotes are one of the League’s 10, 15 best teams (and I don’t, but Doan might), there’s always hope.

Potential Ownership

Then there’s the ownership situation – when the NHL and Glendale recently extended the arena lease another 31 days, a glimmer of hope appeared. That made a few people believe that a deal isn’t far off, and with some creative financing, or the NHL dropping it’s price, or an infusion of money, a deal could get done.

If that happens, then suddenly the ownership situation is stable, Doan could get a new deal (and thereby more horses), and things would be just tickity-boo.

More Than Winning

I talked in my previous post about Steve Nash leaving the Suns to go to the Lakers – it’s worth mentioning that Suns are going to be awful next year, so leaving the team was no-doubter. He obviously wanted to choose a good team, but he also chose the Lakers to stay close to his kids in Phoenix. People have more off-ice motivations than we tend to consider. Maybe Doan has a mistress here he really likes or something?

…Okay no, but the point remains the same.


There’s something to be said about being synonymous with one franchise – it was painful to watch Mats Sundin as a Canuck, and frankly, it wasn’t that great seeing Ray Bourque play for the Avs up ’til the whole winning the Cup thing. Usually it just feels…wrong.

We know Doan has high moral standards, so you know it’s important to him that people think of him as the good guy that he is. He’d be beloved by the Coyotes fanbase as much or more than any other player with any other franchise for not turning his back on the team when times were tough, and maybe that’s something he values more than other players.


On the surface, we see a guy with the chance to make more money and have a better chance to win and think, “Geez, dude is off his rocker if he doesn’t leave,” but it’s not all that ridiculous….just kinda ridiculous. I still do think the reasons he should leave outweigh the reasons he should stay.

The only thing we really know is that Doan’s got a lot of options, and whichever one he chooses will tell us a lot about where his priorities lie.

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  1. The lifestyle choice is, to me, a reason for him to leave Phoenix while he can. If he wants control over his cowboy lifestyle then he needs to find a new place where he can play for a team with stable ownership.

    If he stays in Phoenix there’s no guarantee that a deal can be made with city of Glendale in which case the team could be forced to relocate and Doan won’t have any say in where he has to move to.

  2. What I’m going to say is anathema to me as a Sens fan, but would you also say that Daniel Alfredsson should jump ship for a real shot at the Cup?

    • Yes. I am totally apathetic to the Sens, as in I don’t care if they win or lose. BUT! Alfredsson is a guy I’d like to see win.

      • Doan and Alfie go down to Dallas to join up with Jagr and Whtiney and film a crappy space cowboysesque epic that only Clint Eastwood would watch. I nominate Whitney as the man that has to go out and round up the crew.

        Just imagine the scenes where Whtiney has to go into an Atlantic City Casino and convince a Jagr that has been gambling for 48 hours straight that Dallas is his only hope. Jagr laughs at the idea but busts after going all in. Whtiney then tells him Dallas will pay more than Philly, Jagr just turns to him and nods.

        After picking up Jagr, they would both go out to Doan’s ranch where Doan would obviously be just getting back from a long ride. Doan would then give some long speech about the importance of loyalty, during which he would glare at Jagr. After being rejected the two walk away just as Doan’s wife comes running out to tell them the Phoenix ownership deal fell through. Whitney then turns to Doan and says, “They got ranches in Dallas.”

        Someone else can write the Alfie recruiting scene, I am tapped.

  3. Just for the record, I am not a Coyotes fan, or have any feelings toward them whatsoever.

    But I would love to see Doan stay. In fact, I think its very sad that we very rarely see anyone stay with one team for their careers anymore.

    The biggest reason everyone thinks he should get out is so that he can have a better chance of winning the Cup, but honestly, looking at teams that spend spend spend and have lots of stars, most of them still dont have any better chance at winning. Washington? San Jose? Philly? Rangers? What have they won with thier all star lineups and big spending?

  4. Very well done, Mig. Ever think of writing books, or do you already?

    Rich, do you mean “stable ownership” or “stable” ownership. I think it was no pun intended, but I found it quite amusing.

  5. The yotes went to the western conference finals and won an pacific division that included the kings. And only got stronger in the off season. How are they not contenders for the cup?

    • After ditching Murray the Kings went 25-13-11. Extrapolated to an entire season that is around 102 points, 5 points more than PHX had last year. It is safe to say the Kings significantly underachieved before hiring Sutter. Their 16-4 run through the playoffs only further reinforces just how much better this team was then their 8 seed indicated. They will be heavy favorites to win the Pacific this year.

      Phoenix lost their leading scorer in Whtiney and replaced him with Steve Sullivan, he of 48 points and a history of injuries. While they got Michalek back from Pittsburgh, I do not see how this team is significantly better than the team from last year. Is David Moss inspiring you that much?

      • Bodker got going during playoffs. I think young players like bret mclean (sp) will have some impact. Don Maloney is not done yet keep in mind.

  6. Shane Doan to me seems to have his priorities set perfectly straight. His roots are dug deep and he has a family with children and seems to be living his dream. I really hope for him that things work out well in Phoenix. Yes, there is the danger of relocation but I’m sure he has thought everything through. I suppose he could retire as a last resort. A Cup is somewhat fleeting but what he has now is far more important and lasts a lifetime.

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