Bernie Nicholls is one of eight players to ever surpass the 70 goal plateau in a single season, and one of only five plays to notch 150 points in one, as his Twitter bio proudly reminds us.

In 2012 he returned to the place it happened, the Los Angeles Kings organization, to be a coaching consultant, a vague title which likely means “One of our franchise’s biggest names, so we’d like to keep him in the mix.” ┬áNicholls is a ridiculously great guy too, so you can’t fault the Kings for scooping him back up.

Nicholls never won a Stanley Cup during his playing days, but his new front office role with Los Angeles counted enough to get him a day with Lord Stanley.

Naturally, he headed into the woods with it.

To start the day, he took the Cup to his hometown (I believe Halliburton, Ontario) and did all that necessary “Hey, check this thing out!” stuff, but what he really wanted some alone time with it. I know the Stanley Cup has done a lot of things, but I’d be surprised if bow hunting was one of them. Here’s Nicholls and Stanley:

Looks like he skinned Snufalufagus. Also, I feel like all Chuck Norris jokes should be transferred over to Lord Stanley jokes. Thing looks like it could take down a world record 8-point buck with it’s bare bowl in this pic.

Also, it looks like it could catch an 1,100 pound Sturgeon in the one below.

All in all, it looks like Bernie and Stanley had a pretty great day together. I’d watch that show over Canadian Sport Fishing with Italo and Henry any day. (Though they do “catch a lot of fish, and they do it real friendly.”)

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  1. Come on, he couldn’t even put some Camouflage on the cup? Maybe a nice ghillie suit with a bright orange hunters cap over the bowl?

  2. Bernie Nicholls is a class act. I’m glad he was a part of this past season for the Kings.

  3. Lord Stanley used to hunt, but then he took an arrow in the knee…

  4. I must say that when I saw the title of this article and read it, I fully expected to find a bunch of anti-hunting comments. Wow! Only a few so far but I am very glad to see no antis jumping in to take any opportunity they can find to take a shot (stupid pun intended because alot of those folks and i.e. PETA reptiles would gladly love to see the Stanley Cup fall to the ground followed by Bernie Nicholls impaling himself on an arrow) at hunting and hunters. Good for you Bernie! Great pic.

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